HiRISE Digital Terrain Models

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This map shows HiRISE DTMs (Digital Terrain Models) which have been released to date. Click on a title (first column) below to zoom in on the DTM area, or on an ID (second column) to bring up the HiRISE DTM page for more information. To zoom back out, click the "hand" icon in the top left corner of the map.

Title ID Latitude Longitude Created On Courtesy Of
820 Digital Terrain Models
Possible fan in crater DTEED_028274_2160_044388_2160_A01 35.9 0.4 2017-Jan-24 A
Volatiles and gullies DTEPC_013097_1115_013585_1115_U01 -68.5 1.3 2013-Jan-28 U
Very interesting circular layered form -crater filled with layered deposits DTEEC_001981_1825_002258_1825_H01 2.3 3.5 2021-Jun-25 H
Western slope of Asimov Crater DTEEC_013611_1325_013110_1325_A01 -47.1 4.2 2016-Dec-02 A
Gullies on southwest slope of Asimov Crater DTEEC_012912_1320_012767_1320_A01 -47.5 4.4 2017-Aug-03 A
Central pit gullies in Asimov Crater DTEEC_013268_1330_013123_1330_A01 -46.8 4.9 2016-Oct-20 A
East slope of Asimov Crater central pit DTEEC_013835_1330_013189_1330_A01 -46.9 5.1 2016-Dec-09 A
Possible chloride exposure in dune materials in Noachis Terra DTEEC_019716_1520_016380_1520_A01 -27.7 5.7 2017-Oct-05 A
Exit breach in well-preserved crater DTEEC_049306_2160_049860_2160_A01 35.8 7.6 2020-Jul-06 A
Exposure of south polar layered deposit DTEPD