HiRISE Digital Terrain Models

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This map shows HiRISE DTMs (Digital Terrain Models) which have been released to date. Click on a title (first column) below to zoom in on the DTM area, or on an ID (second column) to bring up the HiRISE DTM page for more information. To zoom back out, click the "hand" icon in the top left corner of the map.

Title ID Latitude Longitude Created On Courtesy Of
820 Digital Terrain Models
South polar residual cap in late summer DTEPD_032538_0910_032565_0910_A01 -89.0 280.5 2015-Nov-19 A
Feature on south polar layered deposits DTEPC_067143_0920_066960_0920_A01 -88.1 194.4 2021-Feb-22 A
Small knob on south polar layered deposits DTEPD_032053_0920_032276_0920_A01 -87.9 245.5 2013-Nov-12 A
Exposure of south polar layered deposits DTEPD_032325_0925_032469_0925_A01 -87.4 342.4 2018-Dec-13 A
Possible pit at edge of south polar residual cap DTEPD_049945_0930_049972_0930_A01 -87.2 263.6 2017-Sep-01 A
Seasonal sublimation DTEPC_013990_0930_014123_0930_A01 -87.0 127.2 2016-Oct-31 A
Exposure of south polar layered deposit DTEPD_003406_0935_003341_0935_A01 -86.4 9.3 2013-Apr-16 A
Cracks around spider features in ice-free Manhattan DTEPC_022259_0935_022339_0935_A01 -86.3 99.2 2016-Aug-31 A
Exposure of south polar layered deposits DTEPD_031827_0940_031775_0940_A01 -85.8 236.9 2018-Aug-06 A
South polar layered deposit comparison with higher latitude scarps