Curiosity on the Move
Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

The latest HiRISE color image of MSL shows new details.

Subimage 1 shows the rover and its tracks after a few short drives. Tracking the tracks over time will provide information on how the surface changes over time as dust is deposited and eroded.

Subimage 2 shows the parachute and backshell, now in color. The outer band of the parachute has a reddish color.

Subimage 3 shows the descent stage crash site, now in color, and several distant spots (blue in enhanced color) downrange that are probably the result of distant secondary impacts that disturbed the surface dust. (See also this observation for more detail about the sky crane impact.)

These images were acquired on 2 September 2012, at approximately 22:59:37 (GMT).

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Written by: Alfred McEwen   (6 September 2012)