Making Mars Speak Human

We have a simple philosophy: HiRISE is “the people’s camera” because we believe that knowledge about Mars belongs to everyone. This is why we release our acquired images to the Planetary Data System faster than any other active NASA mission.

We also provide slides, audio and video (HiClips) of our captioned images that can be used by anyone, especially educators, as part of a discussion, presentation, or class units about Mars. (The clips we post on our YouTube channel are close-captioned.)

We also decided to expand our outreach by creating The BeautifulMars Project, which helps us talk to people who want to learn about Mars but may have little–to–no English skills. Thanks to our volunteers, we’re able offer resources in 28 languages, which is the most of any active NASA mission.

To help keep this going, we are looking for people to help us out. If you are fluent or even semi-fluent in any of the languages listed below, or want to volunteer to add a new one, contact us to help make outreach history.

Latin     Français     Español     Català     Italiano     Português     Română

Deutsch     Íslenska     Nederlands     Norsk     Svenska    

Magyar     Polska     Suomi     Türkçe     Esperanto

Cymraeg     Gaeilge     Kernewek     Manx

Ελληνικά     Русский     Україна

فارسی     عربي     עברית     中国

We send you a link to an online Microsoft Excel document with a list of titles. On your time and schedule, you translate the titles and then a coordinator reviews the work. Most of our titles are short, but some can be a challenge because of specific terms we use. Once the review is done, we post these to our Tumblrs and send another “assignment.”

Most importantly, **there is no deadline.** We know people are busy, so you do the assignments when you can. Our volunteers love the idea of helping out an active NASA mission so much, that we’ve never needed to remind anyone!

Download the guidelines