Candidate Landing Site for 2020 Mission in Hypanis Valles Delta

A Candidate Landing Site in Hypanis Valles

This image was acquired as part of a candidate landing site for the Mars 2020 mission to examine an exhumed, fluvial deltaic system in Xanthe Terra. The CRISM instrument on MRO was also requested for coverage to look at any correlation between the mineralogy and the deltaic deposits.

HiRISE Instrument News
Since July 23, 2023, HiRISE observations have lacked data from the RED4 CCD due to a hardware issue, creating a gap in the middle of image products and reducing the color swath to 1 CCD width. We are investigating the hardware issue and may be able to acquire some RED4 data in the future.

Ridges in Lycus Sulci
Much of the rocks in this area have been subjected to erosion by the wind, so the surface we see today was originally buried deep underground.