HiView is a data explorer and image viewing application supporting the JPEG2000 image format  
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HiView Splash Screen

HiView main splash HiView is the best way to explore HiRISE images of the Martian surface at the full resolution of the imagery. Tracks of boulders that have fallen down crater walls, delicate rays of ejecta from fresh impact craters, and the unearthly formations created by carbon dioxide ice on the Martian south pole are just a few of the things that are waiting to be discovered by anyone using a tool like HiView with HiRISE imagery.

Once the application has been downloaded to your computer, all that is needed to get started after launching the application, is a quick drag and drop of any of the links to the JP2 files on the HiRISE website to the HiView application window, and HiView will take care of the rest. No downloading of multigigabyte files required!

Whether you are just interested in exploring HiRISE images, or a scientist wanting to get valuable information from an observation, HiView is a versatile and powerful application. It is the ideal tool for exploring the imagery produced by HiRISE.

HiView screen shot HiView provides dynamically generated statistics about the current area of an image being viewed, whether it’s the entire original source at a low resolution, or a small area that has been expanded to full resolution. Multiband histograms can be used to enhance the color stretch and contrast of the currently viewed area, and can be reapplied to other areas of an image or to different images. Applying the default contrast stretch repeatedly on an image while zooming, provides a quick way to enhance the current area being viewed without having all the statistics and data mapping tools taking up screen space.

HiView can save the area of an image currently displayed as a TIFF, JPEG, PNG or other format for use in different image editing applications for further enhancement of any particular region of interest at full resolution.

Developed by HiRISE team members, HiView is a free viewing tool, so download your copy today. (Registration is optional.)

HiView is an application in active development. Future releases of HiView will have additional features found useful by the HiRISE science team as well as from feedback from anyone that would like to send us a note about a feature that might be useful to include. Feature requests and bug reports can be emailed to hiview at pirl dot lpl dot arizona dot edu

Note: Install software at your own risk. HiRISE and the University of Arizona are not liable for any issues arising from the use of the HiRISE website or any downloadable software.