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You can help HiRISE decide what places on Mars we'll photograph next! To suggest a new target, first create an account using this web site. When you have completed registration, login and begin creating new suggestions. You can also browse the targets already in our database, including those for past HiRISE images.

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How The Process Works

Targets are suggested
We gather your suggestions through this site.
Science themes are prioritized
HiRISE Science Theme Leads (STLs) periodically look through the list of suggestions and prioritize them, based on science rationale. They may adjust some parameters to achieve a better image.
Observations are planned
Science team members (CIPPs) and Targeting Specialists (HiTS) examine details of the highest priority suggestions in each theme and plan observations to acquire the images needed.
The suggestion is "retired," indicating that we expect to get images that satisfy its science objectives.
Observations are acquired
The planned observation details are sent to JPL for transmission to the spacecraft.
HiRISE observes the target and MRO transmits the raw image data back to Earth.
Automated processes at HiROC download the raw data and convert it into image products.
Observations are validated
Operations staff at HiROC determine if the observation was properly commanded and whether or not it contains enough usable data.
If it is determined that a particular suggestion's science objectives cannot be met, the suggestion is "unretired" and becomes available for planning again.
Images are released to the public
If successfully validated, the image products for the observation are released in the next HiRISE PDS release (currently the first week of every month) and appear in our online catalog and list of new images.
Occasionally, image products may be released sooner (e.g. our weekly releases) and be featured on our main page.

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