HiPOD: Wednesday, 24 March 2021
Spectrally-Diverse Massif in Terra Sabaea

Spectrally-Diverse Massif in Terra Sabaea

Spectral Diversity in Terra Sabaea
This observation targets a spectrally-diverse massif in Terra Sabaea. There are at least four potential spectral units here, indicating olivine and silica-rich surfaces as well as altered minerals. This massif may represent a crustal block excavated during the Hellas Basin impact. If so, the spectrally-diverse nature of this massif may provide some insight into the rock variability of the deep crust under the impact site.

ID: ESP_063401_1575
date: 4 February 2020
altitude: 257 km

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Black & white is less than 5 km across; enhanced color is less than 1 km. For full images including scale bars, visit the ID link.