HiPOD: Saturday, 18 June 2022
A Large, Banded Angular Fragment in Nili Fossae

A Large, Banded Angular Fragment in Nili Fossae
In a Context Camera (CTX) image, there is a large angular fragment that appears to have light and dark-toned bands. HiRISE images of similar fragments nearby also show this banding, and the resolution of our camera may help determine what these layers are.

Nili Fossae was once considered a potential landing spot for the Mars Science Laboratory, and has one of the largest, most diverse exposures of clay minerals. Clay minerals contain water in their mineral structure and may preserve organic materials.

ID: ESP_035062_1995
date: 18 January 2014
altitude: 279 km

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Black & white is less than 5 km across; enhanced color is less than 1 km. For full observation details, visit the ID link.