Mars Needs Poets! And Musicians, and Thinkers...

You can learn plenty about Mars with HiRISE. Catch an avalanche, spy dust devils, and locate new sites for future exploration. With a catalog of over 75,000 images, there is something for everyone.

We believe that HiRISE is an intersection between science and culture. We often post lines of poetry, aphorisms and literary quotations in different languages across many of our Twitter feeds and Tumblr sites, paired with an image that is meant to show that Mars can also be a place of inspiration and reflection.

With MarsPoetica, if you have a favorite line of poetry, lyrics from a beloved song, or perhaps a snippet of wisdom that you grew up with, you can help us keep this unique practice going by submitting it to us. We’ll list your name as the contributor, along with the name of the original author, poet or artist and where it came from: credit where credit is due. Original contributions are also welcome.

Foreign language submissions need to have an English translation, even if it’s your own interpretation, so we know what we’re posting. (Please, no Google Translate.) For a list of our languages, please see this page.

Note: All submissions are subject to a review before posting. We cannot pay anyone for original submissions.

To make a submission, send an email to: beautifulmars at uahirise dot org