Meander in Valley Network
Meander in Valley Network
PSP_009706_2125  Science Theme: Climate Change
The central portion of this image includes a portion of a valley network in Arabia Terra. In lower resolution images, this meander (a bend in a valley) appeared discontinuous - hence its selection as a target for HiRISE. However, at HiRISE resolution the valley is visible throughout its course.

This is a mid-latitude scene where ground ice is believed to be stable relatively near the surface today. The mottled terrain visible throughout the image could be a sublimation texture. Sublimation occurs when ice goes directly to the gas phase. When this happens, the space beneath the subsurface that the ice previously occupied is now empty, allowing the remaining surface to collapse and form the observed texture.

Several of the craters in this scene have flattened appearances, which may have resulted from ice-rich material being driven by gravity into the crater centers.

Written by: Kelly Kolb  (26 November 2008)
Acquisition date
21 August 2008

Local Mars time

Latitude (centered)

Longitude (East)

Spacecraft altitude
288.3 km (179.2 miles)

Original image scale range
from 28.9 cm/pixel (with 1 x 1 binning) to 57.8 cm/pixel (with 2 x 2 binning)

Map projected scale
25 cm/pixel and North is up

Map projection

Emission angle

Phase angle

Solar incidence angle
46°, with the Sun about 44° above the horizon

Solar longitude
115.9°, Northern Summer

For non-map projected images
North azimuth:  97°
Sub-solar azimuth:  6.4°
Black and white
map projected  non-map

IRB color
map projected  non-map

Merged IRB
map projected

Merged RGB
map projected

RGB color
non-map projected

Black and white
map-projected   (977MB)

IRB color
map-projected   (485MB)

Black and white
map-projected  (481MB)
non-map           (341MB)

IRB color
map projected  (214MB)
non-map           (458MB)

Merged IRB
map projected  (314MB)

Merged RGB
map-projected  (302MB)

RGB color
non map           (445MB)
B&W label
Color label
Merged IRB label
Merged RGB label
EDR products

IRB: infrared-red-blue
RGB: red-green-blue
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Black & white is 5 km across; enhanced color about 1 km
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