Camera Technical Specifications 

Technical Documents
HiRISE EDR & RDR Software Archive Volumes Software Interface Specification (June 2012)
Software Interface Specification for HiRISE Experimental Data Record Products
Software Interface Specification for HiRISE Reduced Data Record Products (October 2012)

HiRISE Requirements and Performance Characteristics
Parameter Performance Comments
Ground Sample Distance (GSD) 30 cm/pixel From 300 km altitude
Telescope aperture 0.5 m, f/24 For resolution and SNR
Spectral range 400 to 600 nm
550 to 850 nm
800 to 1000 nm
Blue-Green (BG)
Near infra-red (NIR)
SNR     Blue-Green
Typically 100:1
Typically 200:1
Typically 100:1
Achieved with TDI, backside thinned CCDs,and 50 cm aperture
Swath      Red
Width      Blue-Green &NIR
>6 km
>1.2 km
From 300 km altitude
From 300 km altitude
Swath length >2x swath width Along track
Data precision 14 bit A/D 12 to 13 bit usable
Data compression Real-time 14 to 8 bit
Up to 16 x 16 binning
Lossless compression at SSR
Look-up table
Increases areal coverage
Data storage 28 Gbits All channels
Number of pixels across swath 20,264 Red
4,048 Green and NIR
From swath and pixel scale
TDI line time ≥76 μsec To match ground track speed
CCD read noise < 50 electrions rms at 22° C Achieve SNR at low signal levels
FOV 1.14° x 0.18°
IFOV 1 x 1 μrad Detector angular subtense
Relative Radiometry <1% pixel to pixel Absolute 20%