HiRISE Images of MSL (Curiosity)  
The Descent of the Mars Science Laboratory

HiRISE Captures MSL’s Descent to Mars
   Update I
   Update II
   Update III (includes sharpened descent image)
   Update IV
   Update V
   Images in TIFF format (includes descent image & sharpened version)

Bits and Pieces/Oblique View of Mount Sharp in Gale Crater
MSL EDL Plus 6 Days
Views of MSL Hardware 12 Days after Landing
Curiosity on the Move
3D Views of MSL Hardware on Mars
Where Curiosity May Roam
Possible Impacts from MSL Hardware
A Unique View of Curiosity Rover in Yellowknife Bay
MSL Curiosity on Sol 157 in Color
The Tracks of Curiosity
Curiosity Trekking
Curiosity Ready to Drill for Gold at the Kimberley
MSL Over Time

All images of Gale Crater
Captioned images of Gale Crater (Not all are about MSL specifically)