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ID Suggestion Title Latitude Longitude Repeat Created Observation ID
41522 Deposits in west Arabia Terra 15.289 3.642 1 2010-01-20 ESP_040854_1955
41520 Interesting deposit of dark material in west Arabia Terra 15.297 3.730 1 2010-01-20 ESP_065315_1955
41518 Interesting deposit of dark material in West Arabia Terra 2 15.314 3.906 1 2010-01-20
41516 Deposit of dark material in west Arabia Terra 15.306 3.818 1 2010-01-20 ESP_035935_1955
41512 Chain of small craterlets on the outside of Henry crater 12.335 22.828 1 2010-01-20
41456 Kasei Valles 17.402 288.166 1 2010-01-20
41452 Sample craters and ejecta in Syrtis Major 2.704 74.380 1 2010-01-20

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