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ID Suggestion Title Latitude Longitude Repeat Created Observation ID
7347 North polar layered deposits 89.421 5.214 0 2006-09-28 TRA_000882_2705
7359 Henry Crater rim 10.974 24.592 0 2006-09-28 ESP_019491_1910
7358 Rabe Crater dunes -43.621 34.498 0 2006-09-28
7368 Phoenix landing site candidate site B box 1 67.639 128.213 0 2006-09-28
7371 PLD basal unit 85.279 189.378 0 2006-09-28 ESP_017176_2655
7370 Alba Patera debris mantle 39.962 250.822 0 2006-09-28 PSP_005242_2205
7369 West Candor Chasma sample -5.704 284.026 0 2006-09-28 PSP_003263_1740
7367 Layered terrain in Eos Chasma -13.006 312.214 0 2006-09-28 ESP_012571_1670
7361 Meridiani Targeted Nadir 2.000 359.651 0 2006-09-28 PSP_002680_1825

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