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ID Suggestion Title Latitude Longitude Repeat Created Observation ID
159640 Possible lava tube on eastern flank of Tharsis Tholus 13.589 270.592 1 2018-06-04 ESP_057789_1935
160610 Terrain sample -3.683 247.417 1 2018-06-19 ESP_068433_1765
162010 Pit southwest of Arsia Mons -17.848 239.240 1 2018-07-10 ESP_070768_1620
194236 Possible subsurface void pits in Kasei Valles 27.450 302.850 1 2021-05-28 ESP_069948_2075

Each suggestion is given a unique ID. A stereo suggestion will be made into a pair at the discretion of the Science Theme Lead.

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Longitude are measured in degrees and range east from 0 to 360.

1 for a single suggestion, STEREO for a stereo suggestion, otherwise the number of suggestions in a seasonal or other repeat set.

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If the suggestion has been retired, a link to the observation page.

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