HiWish Observations (Previous Year To Date)

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This map shows HiWish suggestions which have resulted in observations in the last year.

Title ID Latitude Longitude Suggested By Suggested On Acquired On
171 Observations
Searching for slope features ESP_057647_1340 -45.6 192.8 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2018-Nov-13
Searching for slope features ESP_057672_1485 -31.3 229.2 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2018-Nov-15
Gully monitoring ESP_057693_1325 -47.2 19.5 AnthonyG 2018-Oct-23 2018-Nov-16
Searching for slope features ESP_057697_1515 -28.2 266.6 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2018-Nov-17
Layers in Arabia Terra ESP_057719_1945 14.6 19.6 jimmars 2018-Oct-17 2018-Nov-18
Searching for slope features ESP_057724_1390 -40.7 251.4 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2018-Nov-19
Searching for slope features ESP_057751_1435 -36.3 233.9 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2018-Nov-21
Searching for slope features ESP_057768_1275 -52.0 131.6 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2018-Nov-22
Crater slope lineae in western Arabia Terra ESP_057839_1995 19.4 344.3 jasonjason 2018-Nov-19 2018-Nov-28
Landforms south of Sirenum Tholus ESP_057844_1420 -37.6 215.4 kedgett 2018-Oct-24 2018-Nov-28
Dark-toned ridge at junction with dark-toned plain ESP_057850_1605 -19.4 49.3 kedgett 2018-Oct-24 2018-Nov-29
Gully monitoring ESP_057904_1325 -47.2 19.5 AnthonyG 2018-Oct-23 2018-Dec-03
Channel entering trough in Terra Sabaea ESP_057916_1615 -18.5 48.8 jimmars 2018-Nov-27 2018-Dec-04
Gullies monitoring in Proctor Crater ESP_057930_1320 -47.7 30.3 AnthonyG 2018-Oct-23 2018-Dec-05
Edge of dark-toned cratered surface in Xanthe Terra ESP_058012_1885 8.2 304.5 kedgett 2018-Oct-24 2018-Dec-11
Well-preserved ejecta of 20-km crater northeast of Ascraeus Mons ESP_058040_1995 19.2 259.9 yinglingw 2018-Nov-06 2018-Dec-13
Gullies monitoring ESP_058049_1275 -52.2 23.0 AnthonyG 2018-Oct-23 2018-Dec-14
Possible pitted flow emanating from Oudemans Crater ESP_058053_1745 -5.2 267.7 EPilles 2018-Nov-02 2018-Dec-14
Melt pools near Mojave Crater ESP_058064_1875 7.3 325.8 yinglingw 2018-Nov-06 2018-Dec-15
Gullies monitoring ESP_058115_1275 -52.2 23.0 AnthonyG 2018-Oct-23 2018-Dec-19
Viscous crater fill in Noachis Terra ESP_058116_1415 -38.2 350.8 mtesjon 2018-Dec-12 2018-Dec-19
Searching for recurring slope lineae ESP_058119_1360 -43.8 271.4 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2018-Dec-20
Dipping layers near Reull Vallis ESP_058151_1415 -38.3 113.7 jimmars 2018-Dec-11 2018-Dec-22
Gully monitoring in Rabe Crater ESP_058154_1355 -44.0 34.5 AnthonyG 2018-Oct-23 2018-Dec-22
Flow in Protonilus Mensae ESP_058166_2220 41.6 56.2 jimmars 2018-Dec-17 2018-Dec-23
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Oxia Palus ESP_058169_1985 18.5 335.3 TurnerSMR 2018-Dec-06 2018-Dec-24
Rugged and multi-toned intercrater terrain in Terra Sabaea ESP_058365_1590 -20.8 30.3 kedgett 2018-Oct-24 2019-Jan-08
Ejecta of 10-km crater northeast of Acheron Fossae ESP_058410_2210 40.6 231.8 yinglingw 2018-Dec-19 2019-Jan-11
Landslide near Hydraotes Chaos ESP_058420_1835 3.3 324.0 AnthonyG 2018-Dec-07 2019-Jan-12
Lobate debris apron in Erebus Montes ESP_058438_2195 39.4 187.9 shibbard 2018-Dec-18 2019-Jan-13
Wall of 19-km diameter crater in Noachis Terra ESP_058447_1590 -20.7 309.4 EPilles 2018-Dec-06 2019-Jan-14
Jones Crater central peak ESP_058459_1610 -18.9 340.3 EPilles 2018-Dec-06 2019-Jan-15
Searching for slope features ESP_058475_1515 -28.1 266.6 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2019-Jan-16
Ejecta of 10-km crater northeast of Acheron Fossae ESP_058476_2210 40.6 231.8 yinglingw 2018-Dec-13 2019-Jan-16
Crater with breached rim and interior terraced landform ESP_058485_1405 -39.3 356.4 lsaper 2019-Jan-08 2019-Jan-17
Edge of lava flows north of Tharsis Tholus ESP_058501_1955 15.6 272.4 jimmars 2019-Jan-08 2019-Jan-18
Searching for slope features ESP_058531_1400 -39.9 179.3 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2019-Jan-21
Well-preserved ejecta of 20-km crater northeast of Ascraeus Mons ESP_058541_2000 19.6 259.9 yinglingw 2018-Dec-13 2019-Jan-22
Endeavour Crater ESP_058564_1775 -2.3 354.7 Arvidson 2018-Dec-20 2019-Jan-23
Crater with fractured floor deposit in Tartarus Colles ESP_058597_1950 14.9 169.8 jimmars 2018-Nov-12 2019-Jan-26
Layered material in crater seen in CTX image B21_017678_1926 ESP_058609_1925 12.5 202.7 kedgett 2019-Jan-22 2019-Jan-27
Ejecta of 10-km diameter crater northeast of Acheron Fossae ESP_058621_2205 40.2 231.6 yinglingw 2018-Dec-13 2019-Jan-28
Landslide near Hydraotes Chaos ESP_058631_1835 3.3 324.0 AnthonyG 2018-Dec-07 2019-Jan-29
Slope monitoring ESP_058693_1635 -16.2 74.4 dstillman 2018-Dec-14 2019-Feb-02
Searching for slope features ESP_058696_1460 -33.8 353.3 dstillman 2018-Oct-16 2019-Feb-03
Lithified dunes ESP_058698_1665 -13.2 296.0 lorifenton 2019-Jan-02 2019-Feb-03
Valley-channel transitions in crater in Arabia Terra ESP_058721_1875 7.5 26.3 joeldavis 2018-Nov-06 2019-Feb-05
Possible jarosite-rich terrain in north Mawrth Vallis ESP_058749_2060 25.6 340.6 wfarrand 2018-Dec-25 2019-Feb-07
Landslide in Hydraotes Chaos ESP_058776_1815 1.5 324.2 AnthonyG 2018-Dec-07 2019-Feb-09
Searching for slope features ESP_058778_1405 -39.2 275.7 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2019-Feb-09
Gully monitoring on Kaiser Crater ESP_058827_1330 -46.8 19.9 AnthonyG 2018-Oct-23 2019-Feb-13
Well-preserved ejecta of 20-km crater northeast of Ascraeus Mons ESP_058831_1995 19.3 259.9 yinglingw 2018-Nov-06 2019-Feb-13
Ejecta of 10-km crater northeast of Acheron Fossae ESP_058832_2205 40.3 231.5 yinglingw 2018-Dec-13 2019-Feb-13
Possible exposed breccia in Noachis Terra ESP_058841_1680 -12.0 352.2 rsopoco3 2019-Jan-15 2019-Feb-14
Landslide in Hydraotes Chaos ESP_058842_1815 1.5 324.2 AnthonyG 2018-Dec-07 2019-Feb-14
Southwestern continuous ejecta boundary of Resen Crater ESP_058850_1515 -28.2 109.0 rsopoco3 2019-Jan-15 2019-Feb-15
Endeavour Crater ESP_058854_1775 -2.3 354.7 Arvidson 2018-Dec-20 2019-Feb-15
Slope features ESP_058876_1450 -34.9 119.5 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2019-Feb-17
West facing landslide in Iani Chaos ESP_058894_1800 -0.1 341.8 AnthonyG 2019-Jan-10 2019-Feb-18
Well-exposed ejecta blanket at Kontum Crater ESP_058896_1480 -31.8 292.7 leahsacks 2019-Jan-29 2019-Feb-18
Possible banded olivine-rich massif in northeast Hellas Planitia ESP_058944_1540 -25.8 61.0 jcowart 2018-Dec-05 2019-Feb-22
Periglacial terrain in eastern Erebus Montes ESP_058952_2195 39.1 194.7 shibbard 2019-Jan-29 2019-Feb-23
West facing landslide in Iani Chaos ESP_058960_1800 -0.1 341.8 AnthonyG 2019-Jan-10 2019-Feb-23
Well-exposed ejecta blanket at Kontum Crater ESP_058962_1480 -31.8 292.7 leahsacks 2019-Jan-29 2019-Feb-23
Well-preserved alluvial fans in complex crater within Isidis Planitia ESP_058969_1905 10.5 94.3 edwinkite 2018-Dec-22 2019-Feb-24
Gullies monitoring ESP_059012_1210 -58.6 8.8 AnthonyG 2018-Oct-23 2019-Feb-27
Well-preserved ejecta of 20-km crater northeast of Ascraeus Mons ESP_059042_1995 19.3 259.8 yinglingw 2019-Jan-23 2019-Mar-02
Topographical characterization of Russell Crater dunes ESP_059236_1255 -54.3 13.0 sdoute 2019-Feb-08 2019-Mar-17
Lobate and rough-surfaced slope features on crater wall ESP_059239_1485 -31.1 287.8 kedgett 2019-Feb-05 2019-Mar-17
Terminus of pitted materials emanating from Oudemans Crater ESP_059266_1735 -6.3 269.2 EPilles 2019-Jan-29 2019-Mar-19
Crater west of Mojave Crater ESP_059277_1875 7.3 325.7 yinglingw 2019-Jan-14 2019-Mar-20
Gullies monitoring ESP_059289_1210 -58.6 8.8 AnthonyG 2018-Oct-23 2019-Mar-21
Topographical characterization of Russell Crater dunes ESP_059302_1255 -54.3 13.0 sdoute 2019-Feb-08 2019-Mar-22
Periglacial overprinting on lobate debris apron ESP_059308_2200 39.7 195.6 shibbard 2019-Jan-29 2019-Mar-22
Intersection of flat-topped ridge with rugged plain ESP_059314_1985 18.1 34.1 kedgett 2018-Oct-24 2019-Mar-23
Glacier moving upslope near Reull Vallis ESP_059338_1370 -42.8 108.2 jimmars 2019-Feb-21 2019-Mar-25
Slope monitoring ESP_059348_1500 -29.6 194.2 dstillman 2019-Feb-04 2019-Mar-25
Periglacially altered patterned ground in Utopia Planitia ESP_059390_2265 46.4 116.5 candres5 2019-Jan-29 2019-Mar-29
Well-preserved alluvial fans in complex crater within Isidis Planitia ESP_059391_1905 10.5 94.3 edwinkite 2018-Dec-22 2019-Mar-29
Lithified dunes ESP_059410_1665 -13.2 296.0 lorifenton 2019-Feb-20 2019-Mar-30
Terminus of pitted materials emanating from Oudemans Crater ESP_059411_1735 -6.3 269.2 EPilles 2019-Jan-29 2019-Mar-30
Slope features of crater in Terra Sirenum ESP_059413_1325 -47.3 219.9 dstillman 2018-Oct-15 2019-Mar-30
Fan and scarp on crater floor in Aonia Terra ESP_059437_1360 -43.5 284.5 edwinkite 2018-Oct-24 2019-Apr-01
Light-toned material exposed in spur on west Candor Chasma wall ESP_059450_1730 -7.1 285.2 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Apr-02
Dense network of ridges and alcoves along crater rim ESP_059460_1820 2.0 11.1 edwinkite 2019-Feb-03 2019-Apr-03
Distal end of large fan in northern Porter Crater ESP_059478_1295 -49.9 245.8 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Apr-05
Possible clay minerals in Noachis Terra ESP_059512_1345 -44.9 38.0 jcarter 2019-Feb-05 2019-Apr-07
Radiating pattern of small bedforms ESP_059512_1790 -0.9 30.7 kedgett 2019-Feb-05 2019-Apr-07
Aligned mounds and cones with summit pits ESP_059524_2070 26.7 60.1 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Apr-08
Intersection of rugged curved ridge and plain ESP_059545_1260 -53.4 217.4 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Apr-10
Lighter-toned spur or ridge in western Juventae Chasma wall ESP_059555_1760 -4.1 297.7 kedgett 2018-Oct-24 2019-Apr-11
Crater with exposed layered walls superposed on ejecta of larger crater ESP_059559_1580 -21.8 188.8 kedgett 2019-Apr-03 2019-Apr-11
Potential well-exposed ejecta southwest of crater west of Ganges Chasma ESP_059568_1720 -8.1 302.8 leahsacks 2018-Dec-13 2019-Apr-12
Recurring slope lineae monitoring ESP_059569_1715 -8.3 276.2 dstillman 2018-Nov-19 2019-Apr-12
West end of light-toned mound in Tithonium Chasma ESP_059582_1745 -5.4 280.3 kedgett 2019-Feb-05 2019-Apr-13
Dense network of ridges and alcoves along crater rim ESP_059605_1820 2.0 11.1 edwinkite 2019-Feb-03 2019-Apr-14
Layered material and wall spur in east Candor Chasma ESP_059608_1720 -7.8 291.8 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Apr-15
Osuga Valles depression eastern rim ESP_059620_1650 -14.8 322.9 RoyNaor 2019-Jan-30 2019-Apr-16
Possible pitted flow emanating from Oudemans Crater ESP_059622_1745 -5.3 268.9 EPilles 2018-Nov-02 2019-Apr-16
Possible exposed ejecta from well-preserved crater in Noachis Terra ESP_059631_1545 -25.2 26.3 leahsacks 2019-Jan-29 2019-Apr-16
Osuga Valles depression eastern rim ESP_059686_1650 -14.8 322.9 RoyNaor 2019-Jan-30 2019-Apr-21
Potential well-exposed ejecta southwest of crater west of Ganges Chasma ESP_059713_1720 -8.1 302.8 leahsacks 2018-Dec-19 2019-Apr-23
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Oxia Palus ESP_059725_1985 18.2 335.5 aparkesbowen 2019-Jan-10 2019-Apr-24
Melt pools around Kotka Crater ESP_059731_1995 19.2 169.5 yinglingw 2019-Mar-19 2019-Apr-24
Concentric crater fill and periglacial terrain in Utopia Planitia ESP_059746_2275 47.2 117.0 candres5 2019-Mar-26 2019-Apr-25
Dendritic periglacial terrain-thermophysical boundary in Utopia Planitia ESP_059957_2280 47.6 116.9 candres5 2019-Apr-23 2019-May-12
Melt pools around Mojave Crater ESP_059989_1870 7.0 327.4 yinglingw 2019-Jan-28 2019-May-14
Light-toned material exposed in spur on west Candor Chasma wall ESP_060017_1730 -7.1 285.3 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-May-17
Osuga Valles main channel ESP_060042_1650 -14.7 322.1 RoyNaor 2019-Jan-30 2019-May-18
Melt pools around Sinton Crater ESP_060092_2210 40.7 32.4 yinglingw 2019-Apr-18 2019-May-22
Osuga Valles depression transect ESP_060108_1650 -14.8 322.4 RoyNaor 2019-Jan-30 2019-May-24
Landforms south of Sirenum Tholus ESP_060112_1420 -37.5 215.3 kedgett 2018-Oct-24 2019-May-24
Possible sulfates in Ius Chasma ESP_060136_1725 -7.3 276.8 sybil 2019-May-01 2019-May-26
Unusual erosional texture deposit high on Claritas Fossae ESP_060150_1465 -33.2 258.3 edwinkite 2019-Feb-22 2019-May-27
Dendritic periglacial terrain in Utopia Planitia ESP_060168_2275 47.0 116.7 candres5 2019-Apr-23 2019-May-28
Osuga Valles depression transect ESP_060174_1650 -14.8 322.4 RoyNaor 2019-Jan-30 2019-May-29
Well-preserved crater north of Hellas Planitia ESP_060183_1635 -16.2 74.3 rsopoco3 2018-Dec-14 2019-May-29
Southwestern ejecta of Resen Crater ESP_060195_1515 -28.3 108.6 rsopoco3 2019-May-07 2019-May-30
Ridges and alcoves ESP_060238_1820 2.1 11.2 edwinkite 2019-Feb-03 2019-Jun-03
Mass wasting feature on southern wall of crater near Amazonis Mensa ESP_060244_1860 5.8 207.2 abina 2019-Apr-16 2019-Jun-03
Pyroxene-rich ridge in Nili Fossae ESP_060262_2010 20.6 73.9 eschelle 2019-Feb-05 2019-Jun-05
Crater in Arabia Terra ESP_060264_1850 5.2 21.4 yinglingw 2019-Mar-18 2019-Jun-05
Landslide facing north near Aeolis Mensae ESP_060286_1735 -6.6 141.4 AnthonyG 2019-Jan-10 2019-Jun-06
Depressions in Arena Colles ESP_060301_2040 23.9 88.4 agraettinger 2019-Mar-18 2019-Jun-08
Candidate equatorial ice-rich material ESP_060304_1740 -6.0 10.9 edwinkite 2019-Mar-23 2019-Jun-08
Bright slope streaks in Arabia Terra ESP_060316_1915 11.4 41.2 avalantinas 2019-May-20 2019-Jun-09
Layers in Danielson Crater ESP_060331_1880 7.9 352.8 jimmars 2019-Apr-16 2019-Jun-10
Channels west of Jori Crater ESP_060341_1515 -28.4 82.9 AlanDHoward 2019-May-08 2019-Jun-11
Bright slope streaks in Arabia Terra ESP_060342_1985 18.3 48.9 avalantinas 2019-May-20 2019-Jun-11
Polygonal ridge and depression pattern in Arabia Terra ESP_060343_1860 5.7 24.3 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Jun-11
Possible clay-bearing deposits in Shalbatana Vallis ESP_060385_1875 7.3 317.9 jcarter 2019-Feb-08 2019-Jun-14
Crescentic cratered mound ESP_060391_1480 -31.9 158.0 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Jun-15
Possible kaolin-rich terrain in central peak ESP_060394_1720 -7.7 73.6 binlongy 2018-Dec-19 2019-Jun-15
Evolution of dark slope streaks in Arabia Terra ESP_060395_1810 1.2 45.5 avalantinas 2019-May-20 2019-Jun-15
Northern ejecta of Resen Crater ESP_060406_1525 -27.4 108.9 rsopoco3 2019-May-08 2019-Jun-16
Bright slope streaks in Arabia Terra ESP_060408_1985 18.3 48.9 avalantinas 2019-May-20 2019-Jun-16
Fan along Ganges Chasma ESP_060438_1715 -8.6 311.5 jimmars 2019-May-08 2019-Jun-18
Fan material in crater ESP_060445_1480 -31.7 125.1 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Jun-19
Alluvial fans in Coprates Chasma ESP_060465_1660 -13.9 296.3 pgrindrod 2018-Dec-13 2019-Jun-20
Altered butte in northern plains ESP_060489_2325 52.4 351.9 jcarter 2019-Jan-28 2019-Jun-22
Grooved surfaces and circular mesa ESP_060671_2070 26.9 67.1 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Jul-06
Slope streaks in Arabia Terra ESP_060672_2050 24.6 40.1 avalantinas 2019-May-20 2019-Jul-07
Sinuous ridges emerging from viscous flow features in Chukhung Crater ESP_060676_2185 38.4 287.6 Frances 2019-May-03 2019-Jul-07
Possibly connected lava tube skylight pair in Tharsis region ESP_060678_1745 -5.4 241.0 gcushing 2018-Nov-14 2019-Jul-07
Crater wall exposure of layers within larger crater fill ESP_060702_1745 -5.3 304.6 kedgett 2018-Oct-24 2019-Jul-09
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Oxia Planum ESP_060714_1985 18.3 335.5 aparkesbowen 2019-Jun-03 2019-Jul-10
Possible melt pools around Tavua Crater ESP_060722_1960 15.6 117.3 yinglingw 2019-Apr-18 2019-Jul-10
Unusual circular depressions around Naar Crater ESP_060741_2030 23.0 317.8 yinglingw 2019-Apr-29 2019-Jul-12
Sinuous ridge in Chukhung Crater ESP_060742_2190 38.5 287.4 Frances 2019-May-03 2019-Jul-12
Possible kaolin-rich terrain in central peak ESP_060750_1720 -7.7 73.6 binlongy 2018-Dec-19 2019-Jul-13
Depressions in Arena Colles ESP_060789_2040 23.9 88.4 agraettinger 2019-Mar-18 2019-Jul-16
Ridges and alcoves ESP_060805_1820 2.1 11.2 edwinkite 2019-Feb-03 2019-Jul-17
Sinuous ridge in Chukhung Crater ESP_060808_2190 38.5 287.4 Frances 2019-May-03 2019-Jul-17
Slope streaks in Arabia Terra ESP_060817_1860 5.9 44.8 avalantinas 2019-May-20 2019-Jul-18
Southern ejecta of Resen Crater ESP_060828_1510 -28.6 109.0 rsopoco3 2019-Jun-18 2019-Jul-19
Material in valley at intersection with intercrater plain ESP_060857_1930 12.7 31.3 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Jul-21
Ridged thin mesa-forming unit in west Candor Chasma ESP_060861_1735 -6.6 285.3 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Jul-21
Melas Chasma wall intermediate or light-toned layered material ESP_060874_1700 -9.8 290.1 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Jul-22
Alluvial fans in Coprates Chasma ESP_060887_1660 -13.9 296.4 pgrindrod 2018-Dec-13 2019-Jul-23
Variety of butte and mesa-forming materials in Xanthe Terra ESP_060926_1870 6.7 309.0 kedgett 2018-Oct-24 2019-Jul-26
Intersection of dark-toned ridge and light-toned mound in east Candor Chaos ESP_060940_1730 -7.1 288.5 kedgett 2019-Mar-05 2019-Jul-27
Possible clay-bearing layers exposed in Shalbatana Vallis scarp ESP_060952_1890 9.1 319.6 jcarter 2019-Feb-08 2019-Jul-28
Well-preserved crater in Isidis Planitia ESP_060960_1980 18.0 99.4 yinglingw 2019-Apr-19 2019-Jul-29
Southwestern ejecta of Resen Crater ESP_061039_1515 -28.3 108.7 rsopoco3 2019-Jun-18 2019-Aug-04
Eastern exposure of Hargraves Crater ejecta ESP_061040_2010 20.6 76.7 leahsacks 2019-May-21 2019-Aug-04
Crater wall exposure of layers within larger crater fill ESP_061058_1745 -5.3 304.6 kedgett 2019-Jul-11 2019-Aug-06
Alluvial fans in Coprates Chasma ESP_061098_1660 -13.9 296.0 pgrindrod 2018-Dec-13 2019-Aug-09
Kunowsky Crater central peak ESP_061122_2370 56.8 350.5 jcarter 2019-Jan-28 2019-Aug-11
Bright slope streaks in Arabia Terra ESP_061134_2030 22.7 28.3 avalantinas 2019-May-20 2019-Aug-12
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Oxia Palus region ESP_061136_1985 18.5 335.2 rahenson 2019-May-10 2019-Aug-12
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Oxia Palus region ESP_061202_1980 18.0 336.0 rahenson 2019-May-10 2019-Aug-17