HiWish Observations (Previous Year To Date)

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This map shows HiWish suggestions which have resulted in observations in the last year.

Title ID Latitude Longitude Suggested By Suggested On Acquired On
216 Observations
Exposed crater rim deposits near Oxia Planum ESP_077239_1965 16.5 334.4 asiwabes 2022-Jun-02 2023-Jan-17
Exposed crater rim deposits near Oxia Planum ESP_077582_1970 16.9 333.6 asiwabes 2022-Jun-02 2023-Feb-13
Possible gully-associated light-toned materials in crater in Noachis Terra ESP_076394_1425 -37.0 3.2 vidhyaganeshr 2022-Jun-07 2022-Nov-12
Inverted fluvial channels in Terra Sabaea ESP_076366_1595 -20.2 42.9 bboatwright 2022-Jun-08 2022-Nov-10
Inverted fluvial channels in Terra Sabaea ESP_076432_1595 -20.3 42.9 bboatwright 2022-Jun-08 2022-Nov-15
Floor deposits in crater ESP_074835_1750 -4.7 79.1 leahsacks 2022-Jun-13 2022-Jul-14
Potential dark sand in the eastern Medusae Fossae Formation ESP_076690_1760 -3.7 199.4 devonmburr1 2022-Jun-13 2022-Dec-06
Source of stratified fan material in Baltisk Crater ESP_077992_1375 -42.4 305.8 hkreider 2022-Jun-15 2023-Mar-17
Source of stratified fan material in southeast Baltisk Crater ESP_074761_1370 -42.5 305.7 hkreider 2022-Jun-15 2022-Jul-08
Possible phyllosilicate-rich terrain in northeast Syrtis Major ESP_075323_1975 17.3 72.6 kseelos 2022-Jun-23 2022-Aug-21
Terrain sample ESP_075889_2250 44.8 97.7 mgspag 2022-Jun-24 2022-Oct-04
Terrain sample ESP_077142_2250 44.8 97.7 mgspag 2022-Jun-24 2023-Jan-10
Layers in trough in Labeatis Fossae ESP_074735_2085 28.2 284.6 jimmars 2022-Jun-29 2022-Jul-06
Knobs in Acidalia Colles ESP_078109_2320 51.8 337.6 asiwabes 2022-Jun-30 2023-Mar-26
Impact-related deposits and flows northeast of Ascraeus Mons ESP_075382_1985 18.3 260.4 jburley 2022-Jun-30 2022-Aug-26
Channel-like feature ESP_077076_2250 44.8 97.5 MaraM 2022-Jul-01 2023-Jan-05
Channel-like feature ESP_077208_2250 44.8 97.5 MaraM 2022-Jul-01 2023-Jan-15
Dramatic cliffs and swirls in mound-skirting unit ESP_076644_1800 -0.1 14.3 edwinkite 2022-Jul-04 2022-Dec-02
Inverted channel and possible lake deposits ESP_076462_1725 -7.6 303.4 edwinkite 2022-Jul-08 2022-Nov-18
Layers in crater with alluvial fans ESP_075640_1570 -22.7 65.5 edwinkite 2022-Jul-08 2022-Sep-15
Gullies and dark material in Syrtis Major Planum crater ESP_076352_1935 13.4 62.4 marsacademy 2022-Jul-08 2022-Nov-09
Terrain sample ESP_075776_1830 3.0 308.3 edwinkite 2022-Jul-09 2022-Sep-25
Terrain sample ESP_075987_1830 3.0 308.3 edwinkite 2022-Jul-09 2022-Oct-12
Hydrated area in Nili Fossae ESP_076866_2000 19.8 73.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-11 2022-Dec-19
Nili Fossae phyllosilicates and mafic minerals ESP_077209_2010 20.6 73.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2023-Jan-15
Phyllosilicate-rich terrain adjacent to Toro Crater ESP_075811_1970 16.6 71.5 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2022-Sep-28
Phyllosilicate-rich terrain adjacent to Toro Crater ESP_076444_1965 16.5 71.5 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2022-Nov-16
Phyllosilicate-rich terrain exposed by crater in Nili Fossae ESP_076800_1990 19.0 75.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2022-Dec-14
Phyllosilicates in eastern ejecta of Negril Crater ESP_075666_2005 20.2 70.4 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2022-Sep-17
Phyllosilicates in Nili Fossae ESP_077486_2015 21.2 73.9 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2023-Feb-06
Phyllosilicates in rim of crater near Toro Crater ESP_076378_1985 18.1 72.5 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2022-Nov-11
Phyllosilicates west of Nili Fossae ESP_075956_2020 21.8 72.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2022-Oct-09
Possible pyroxene-rich terrain on crater floor northeast of Jezero Crater ESP_078000_2000 19.8 79.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2023-Mar-18
Pyroxene signature on plateau near Nili Fossae ESP_078198_2010 20.6 73.0 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2023-Apr-02
Toro Crater ejecta ESP_077552_1975 17.5 72.6 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2023-Feb-11
Layers in depression south of Antoniadi Crater ESP_074928_1940 14.1 58.0 jimmars 2022-Jul-12 2022-Jul-21
Patchy outcrop of light-toned materials ESP_074952_1480 -31.7 127.2 jcowart 2022-Jul-12 2022-Jul-23
Ridges in Tempe Terra ESP_074906_2160 35.7 296.0 jimmars 2022-Jul-12 2022-Jul-20
Clay-bearing knob in northeast Syrtis Major ESP_077631_1955 15.1 75.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-13 2023-Feb-17
Toro Crater ejecta ESP_077275_1980 17.8 72.0 kseelos 2022-Jul-13 2023-Jan-20
Crater and possible olivine-rich terrain on plains southwest of Toro Crater ESP_078119_1965 16.2 70.7 kseelos 2022-Jul-14 2023-Mar-27
Olivine-rich terrain exposed by impact crater in northeast Syrtis Major ESP_076998_1945 14.2 71.8 kseelos 2022-Jul-14 2022-Dec-30
Possible olivine around impact crater in northeast Syrtis Major region ESP_077842_1945 14.4 74.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-14 2023-Mar-05
Possible olivine exposed by impact crater in northeast Syrtis Major region ESP_076932_1930 13.1 72.7 kseelos 2022-Jul-14 2022-Dec-24
Possible olivine exposed by impact craters in northeast Syrtis Major Planum ESP_076721_1930 12.9 71.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-14 2022-Dec-08
Pyroxene-rich materials west of Toro Crater ESP_077341_1970 16.8 70.8 kseelos 2022-Jul-14 2023-Jan-25
Terrain sample ESP_076655_1970 16.9 72.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-14 2022-Dec-03
Isidis region boundary of Noachian epoch olivine-rich terrain ESP_076259_2000 19.7 80.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-15 2022-Nov-02
Extend coverage of big and thick candidate lake deposit ESP_076549_2060 25.9 83.7 edwinkite 2022-Jul-16 2022-Nov-25
Small candidate lake deposit downstream of alluvial fan ESP_076629_1675 -12.6 66.0 edwinkite 2022-Jul-16 2022-Dec-01
Small candidate lake deposit downstream of alluvial fan ESP_076972_1675 -12.6 66.0 edwinkite 2022-Jul-16 2022-Dec-27
Crater floor in Terra Sirenum ESP_077706_1465 -33.0 194.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-18 2023-Feb-23
Gorgonum Chaos basin ESP_078062_1430 -36.9 194.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-18 2023-Mar-22
Minerals in Terra Sirenum ESP_076519_1450 -34.5 191.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-18 2022-Nov-22
Possible wind streaks and multiple flow textures in Daedalia Planum ESP_075014_1635 -16.1 232.6 nglines 2022-Jul-18 2022-Jul-28
Landforms south of Isidis Planitia ESP_075019_1820 1.8 95.0 eschelle 2022-Jul-18 2022-Jul-28
Possible olivine-bearing materials along Sirenum Fossae in Gorgonum Chaos ESP_076862_1420 -37.7 190.4 kseelos 2022-Jul-19 2022-Dec-19
Possible olivine-bearing materials exposed by crater west of Newton Crater ESP_077363_1390 -40.4 197.9 kseelos 2022-Jul-19 2023-Jan-27
Spectrally distinct crater floor in Gorgonum Chaos ESP_077139_1410 -38.9 190.4 kseelos 2022-Jul-19 2023-Jan-09
Spectrally-distinct crater floor in Gorgonum Chaos ESP_077482_1410 -38.8 190.5 kseelos 2022-Jul-19 2023-Feb-05
Low thermal inertia mound in Terra Sabaea bedrock plain ESP_074968_1605 -19.1 48.7 jcowart 2022-Jul-19 2022-Jul-24
Circular landform north of Kasei Valles ESP_074972_2085 28.1 296.7 sharalynn1975 2022-Jul-19 2022-Jul-25
Possible mafic spectral signatures in Terra Sirenum crater ESP_077389_1420 -37.7 208.8 kseelos 2022-Jul-20 2023-Jan-29
Possible mafic-rich terrain near Newton Crater ESP_077811_1410 -38.6 207.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-20 2023-Mar-03
Possible mafic-rich terrain on Terra Sirenum crater floor ESP_076980_1405 -39.1 209.7 kseelos 2022-Jul-20 2022-Dec-28
Possible olivine exposure within Newton Crater ESP_077943_1385 -41.1 203.8 kseelos 2022-Jul-20 2023-Mar-13
Possible olivine-bearing materials exposed by crater within Newton Crater ESP_078088_1385 -40.9 204.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-20 2023-Mar-24
Area of mineralogical interest ESP_077679_1455 -34.3 211.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2023-Feb-21
Minerals exposed by Terra Sirenum impact crater ESP_076505_1430 -36.8 213.0 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2022-Nov-21
Possible olivine-bearing materials in Terra Sirenum gullied crater rim ESP_076954_1425 -36.9 198.8 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2022-Dec-26
Possible olivine-rich crater floor in Terra Sirenum ESP_076677_1465 -33.3 198.7 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2022-Dec-05
Pyroxene-rich materials on plains of Terra Sirenum ESP_077587_1455 -34.4 203.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2023-Feb-13
Small crater and olivine-bearing floor of Mariner Crater ESP_076743_1450 -34.5 196.5 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2022-Dec-10
Terra Sirenum ESP_076360_1465 -33.2 210.4 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2022-Nov-10
Terrain sample ESP_077442_1430 -36.4 202.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2023-Feb-02
Crater fill in Noachis Terra ESP_075668_1385 -41.3 25.5 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2022-Sep-17
Possible mud volcano ESP_075266_1555 -24.4 193.1 jcarter 2022-Jul-22 2022-Aug-17
Possible phyllosilicate-rich terrain in crater near Her Desher Vallis ESP_075354_1540 -25.6 312.5 adicecc 2022-Jul-26 2022-Aug-23
Valley south of Ares Vallis ESP_076896_1890 9.1 335.1 WalkingWiki 2022-Jul-26 2022-Dec-22
Mafic mineral exposures on Terra Sirenum plains ESP_077613_1410 -38.7 214.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2023-Feb-15
Mafic minerals exposed by crater in Solis Planum ESP_077057_1540 -26.0 266.0 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2023-Jan-03
Mafic-rich exposures on Terra Sirenum plains ESP_076993_1410 -38.5 214.5 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2022-Dec-29
Monitoring gullies in crater near Alba Patera ESP_076569_2245 44.2 255.4 vidhyaganeshr 2022-Jul-27 2022-Nov-26
Possible mafic mineral exposures in crater on Newton Crater rim ESP_077732_1380 -41.7 205.4 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2023-Feb-25
Possible olivine exposed around crater in Terra Sirenum ESP_077323_1390 -40.8 209.7 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2023-Jan-24
Possible olivine exposure in Solis Planum ESP_076991_1555 -24.3 267.9 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2022-Dec-29
Possible olivine-bearing materials on Terra Sirenum crater floor ESP_077890_1410 -38.9 210.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2023-Mar-09
Possible olivine-rich materials on Terra Sirenum crater floor ESP_077059_1380 -41.6 213.7 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2023-Jan-03
Possible olivine-rich materials on Terra Sirenum crater floor ESP_077336_1380 -41.5 214.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2023-Jan-25
Possible olivine-rich materials on Terra Sirenum crater floor ESP_078114_1380 -41.5 214.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2023-Mar-26
Possible pyroxene-bearing materials on Terra Sirenum crater floor ESP_077191_1405 -39.1 212.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2023-Jan-14
Pyroxene spectral signature on flank of Sirenum Mons ESP_077534_1420 -37.7 211.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-27 2023-Feb-09
Ridges in Hellas Planitia ESP_075390_1420 -37.7 53.6 jimmars 2022-Jul-27 2022-Aug-26
Possible gully in southern mid-latitude crater ESP_075563_1310 -48.6 9.5 jimmars 2022-Jul-27 2022-Sep-09
Valley south of Ares Vallis ESP_076962_1890 9.1 335.1 WalkingWiki 2022-Jul-27 2022-Dec-27
Possible hydrated materials around Solis Planum impact crater ESP_076846_1535 -26.4 265.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-28 2022-Dec-18
Possible hydrated materials around Solis Planum impact crater ESP_077611_1540 -25.6 267.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-28 2023-Feb-15
Possible mafic mineral exposures around crater in Solis Planum ESP_077202_1565 -23.4 268.9 kseelos 2022-Jul-28 2023-Jan-14
Possible olivine exposure in Solis Planum ESP_077400_1560 -24.0 266.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-28 2023-Jan-30
Possible olivine-rich materials around crater in Solis Planum ESP_077136_1565 -23.3 270.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-28 2023-Jan-09
Spectrally anomalous materials in Solis Planum ESP_077070_1550 -24.7 272.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-28 2023-Jan-04
Possible hydrated materials on rim of crater in Thaumasia Planum ESP_077426_1490 -30.8 276.9 kseelos 2022-Jul-29 2023-Feb-01
Possible phyllosilicate-rich exposure on Solis Planum crater rim ESP_077017_1565 -23.3 277.0 kseelos 2022-Jul-29 2022-Dec-31
Possible pyroxene exposure in Solis Planum ESP_078046_1520 -27.7 269.3 kseelos 2022-Jul-29 2023-Mar-21
Possible pyroxene-rich terrain in Thaumasia Planum crater ESP_077624_1480 -31.5 273.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-29 2023-Feb-16
Terrain sample ESP_077413_1520 -27.6 272.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-29 2023-Jan-31
Crater and ejecta ESP_076595_1535 -26.2 275.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-31 2022-Nov-28
Mafic materials in Solis Planum ESP_077650_1545 -25.0 282.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-31 2023-Feb-18
Mafic minerals in southeastern Betio Crater ejecta ESP_077795_1565 -23.4 281.9 kseelos 2022-Jul-31 2023-Mar-02
Possible clay-bearing materials on ridge in Solis Planum ESP_078138_1555 -24.1 277.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-31 2023-Mar-28
Possible mafic minerals in Solis Planum crater ejecta ESP_077492_1560 -24.0 275.7 kseelos 2022-Jul-31 2023-Feb-06
Possible olivine-rich materials in Solis Planum ESP_078085_1565 -23.5 283.9 kseelos 2022-Jul-31 2023-Mar-24
Channel in Phlegra Dorsa ESP_077126_2005 20.5 177.2 VPBlaas 2022-Aug-02 2023-Jan-08
Recent impact crater in Phlegra Dorsa ESP_077680_2005 20.3 177.3 VPBlaas 2022-Aug-02 2023-Feb-21
Mafic mineral exposures in east Thaumasia Planum ESP_077768_1555 -24.2 299.2 kseelos 2022-Aug-04 2023-Feb-27
Olivine-rich unit interrupting wrinkle ridge in Thaumasia Planum ESP_077188_1540 -25.7 291.9 kseelos 2022-Aug-04 2023-Jan-13
Potential olivine exposure in east Thaumasia Planum ESP_077913_1570 -22.9 299.9 kseelos 2022-Aug-04 2023-Mar-11
Potential phyllosilicates in east Thaumasia Planum ESP_077069_1570 -22.7 299.0 kseelos 2022-Aug-04 2023-Jan-04
Terrain sample ESP_078111_1505 -29.0 294.4 kseelos 2022-Aug-05 2023-Mar-26
Channels and depression north of Hellas region ESP_075508_1660 -13.8 66.8 jimmars 2022-Aug-06 2022-Sep-04
Southern Thaumasia Planum ESP_076225_1505 -29.3 294.8 kseelos 2022-Aug-08 2022-Oct-30
Terrain sample ESP_075803_1500 -29.5 295.8 kseelos 2022-Aug-08 2022-Sep-27
Possible ice-exposing crater in Vastitas Borealis ESP_075664_1110 -68.9 139.9 vidhyaganeshr 2022-Aug-11 2022-Sep-17
Pyroxene-rich outcrops on Ritchey crater eastern rim ESP_077649_1510 -28.5 309.9 kseelos 2022-Aug-11 2023-Feb-18
Iron-bearing mineral exposures in east Thaumasia Planum ESP_078124_1565 -23.5 299.0 kseelos 2022-Aug-12 2023-Mar-27
Head of sinuous depression west of Alba Mons ESP_076187_2235 43.3 242.7 CratersEvryver 2022-Aug-14 2022-Oct-27
Features in Mamers Valles ESP_075391_2215 41.3 14.4 jimmars 2022-Aug-16 2022-Aug-26
Sisyphi Montes ridge ESP_076196_1090 -70.7 17.0 VictorGB667 2022-Aug-18 2022-Oct-28
Pyroxene-rich materials in east Thaumasia Planum ESP_077557_1565 -23.1 300.8 kseelos 2022-Aug-22 2023-Feb-11
Aram Chaos mineralogical variability ESP_075788_1840 3.9 339.6 kseelos 2022-Aug-31 2022-Sep-26
Layers at edge of pedestal crater in Tikhonravov Crater ESP_076353_1940 13.7 35.3 jimmars 2022-Aug-31 2022-Nov-09
Deposits in Aeolis Dorsa ESP_076784_1735 -6.2 154.3 AeolisGroup 2022-Sep-01 2022-Dec-13
Deposits in Aeolis Dorsa ESP_076995_1735 -6.3 154.3 AeolisGroup 2022-Sep-01 2022-Dec-29
Inverted delta trunk channel in southeast Aeolis Dorsa ESP_075808_1735 -6.4 153.8 AeolisGroup 2022-Sep-01 2022-Sep-28
Inverted delta trunk channel in southeast Aeolis Dorsa ESP_076507_1735 -6.4 153.8 AeolisGroup 2022-Sep-01 2022-Nov-21
Possible phyllosilicate-rich terrain in crater near Her Desher Vallis ESP_075921_1540 -25.6 312.5 adicecc 2022-Sep-02 2022-Oct-07
Wrinkle ridge ESP_077100_1720 -7.7 171.1 cperrin 2022-Sep-05 2023-Jan-06
Northern chaos terrain as source for outflow into Osuga Valles ESP_077121_1640 -16.0 320.0 Dportillo 2022-Sep-06 2023-Jan-08
Possible clay deposit exposed in eastern Nirgal Vallis walls ESP_077332_1500 -29.5 322.2 adicecc 2022-Sep-06 2023-Jan-25
Possible melt flows from Oudemans Crater ESP_075949_1710 -9.0 266.5 EPilles 2022-Sep-06 2022-Oct-09
Possible melt flows from Oudemans Crater ESP_076714_1710 -9.0 266.5 EPilles 2022-Sep-06 2022-Dec-07
Crater with irregular shape ESP_075591_2110 30.7 317.2 jimmars 2022-Sep-06 2022-Sep-11
Northern chaos terrain as source for outflow into Osuga Valles ESP_076712_1640 -16.0 320.0 Dportillo 2022-Sep-07 2022-Dec-07
Chaos region near Osuga Valles ESP_075868_1640 -15.8 320.7 jimmars 2022-Sep-07 2022-Oct-02
Elysium Planitia ESP_076203_1760 -4.0 171.4 cperrin 2022-Sep-13 2022-Oct-29
Melas Chasma ESP_076568_1670 -12.8 290.6 kseelos 2022-Oct-02 2022-Nov-26
Wrinkle ridge in Sinai Dorsa ESP_076608_1655 -14.3 278.4 kseelos 2022-Oct-02 2022-Nov-29
Remnant of volcanic cone in Claritas Fossae ESP_076675_1525 -27.3 252.2 Chmee2 2022-Oct-05 2022-Dec-04
Terrain sample in Claritas Fossae ESP_076767_1510 -28.5 260.3 Chmee2 2022-Oct-05 2022-Dec-12
Terrain sample in Claritas Fossae ESP_076833_1510 -28.5 260.3 Chmee2 2022-Oct-05 2022-Dec-17
Volcanic cone in Claritas Fossae ESP_076556_1510 -28.5 260.2 Chmee2 2022-Oct-05 2022-Nov-25
Volcanic cone in Claritas Fossae ESP_076899_1510 -28.5 260.2 Chmee2 2022-Oct-05 2022-Dec-22
Ius Chasma pyroxene-rich wall rock ESP_077360_1720 -8.0 276.0 kseelos 2022-Oct-06 2023-Jan-27
Olivine-rich materials on Dogana Crater floor ESP_077438_1700 -10.0 306.4 kseelos 2022-Oct-06 2023-Feb-02
Olivine-rich western floor of Morella Crater ESP_077029_1705 -9.5 308.1 kseelos 2022-Oct-06 2023-Jan-01
Olivine-rich western floor of Morella Crater ESP_077939_1705 -9.5 308.2 kseelos 2022-Oct-06 2023-Mar-13
Oudemans Crater interior ESP_076648_1715 -8.6 266.5 kseelos 2022-Oct-06 2022-Dec-02
Possible pyroxene-rich outcrops in Oudemans Crater ESP_077835_1695 -10.2 268.3 kseelos 2022-Oct-06 2023-Mar-05
Possible pyroxene-rich outcrops on Ius Chasma wall and floor ESP_077228_1720 -8.0 277.2 kseelos 2022-Oct-06 2023-Jan-16
Putative volcanic edifice in Claritas Fossae ESP_077717_1520 -27.6 252.9 Chmee2 2022-Oct-06 2023-Feb-24
Pyroxene-rich materials on Oudemans Crater floor ESP_077479_1700 -9.9 268.8 kseelos 2022-Oct-06 2023-Feb-05
Ridge in Claritas Fossae ESP_077031_1515 -28.3 254.6 Chmee2 2022-Oct-06 2023-Jan-01
Ridge in Claritas Fossae ESP_077440_1510 -28.6 255.2 Chmee2 2022-Oct-06 2023-Feb-02
Ridge in Claritas Fossae ESP_077506_1515 -28.3 254.6 Chmee2 2022-Oct-06 2023-Feb-07
Slope survey ESP_076529_1720 -7.9 274.7 kseelos 2022-Oct-06 2022-Nov-23
Clay minerals immediately south of Cross Crater ESP_077033_1485 -31.0 202.3 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2023-Jan-01
Clay minerals on plains south of Cross Crater ESP_077310_1480 -31.7 202.5 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2023-Jan-23
Crater-exposed mafic minerals in Terra Sirenum ESP_077007_1515 -28.2 190.4 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2022-Dec-30
Hydrated materials in Columbus Crater ESP_077218_1505 -29.3 193.2 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2023-Jan-16
Hydrated minerals on plains of Terra Sirenum ESP_078022_1480 -31.9 205.5 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2023-Mar-19
Hydrated sulfate-rich terrain on western Columbus Crater wall ESP_076941_1505 -29.4 193.1 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2022-Dec-25
Hydrated sulfates on north wall of Columbus Crater ESP_077495_1515 -28.4 193.8 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2023-Feb-06
Hydrated sulfates on northern wall of Columbus Crater ESP_077152_1510 -28.6 194.2 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2023-Jan-11
Mafic minerals exposed in crater southwest of Columbus Crater ESP_077627_1485 -31.3 190.9 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2023-Feb-17
Mafic minerals in degraded crater east of Columbus Crater ESP_078075_1510 -28.8 197.5 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2023-Mar-23
Possible mafic mineral exposures in northwest Terra Sirenum ESP_077350_1520 -27.6 190.4 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2023-Jan-26
Sirenum Fossae ESP_077270_1510 -28.8 214.2 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2023-Jan-20
Upslope of landslide deposit ESP_076650_1515 -28.3 214.8 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2022-Dec-02
Compound system of glacial lobate debris apron and viscous flow features ESP_077720_2170 36.6 162.5 candres5 2022-Oct-19 2023-Feb-24
Clay-bearing outcrops near Tempe Terra ESP_076844_2240 43.4 310.4 brossierj 2022-Nov-11 2022-Dec-18
Clay-bearing outcrops near Vedra Valles ESP_077306_2000 19.5 305.6 brossierj 2022-Nov-11 2023-Jan-23
Wrinkle ridge ESP_077034_1755 -4.3 171.5 cperrin 2022-Nov-14 2023-Jan-01
Wrinkle ridge ESP_077944_1755 -4.6 171.4 cperrin 2022-Nov-14 2023-Mar-13
Possible changes observed in CaSSIS image MY36_019851_351 ESP_076994_1720 -8.1 183.9 pgrindrod 2022-Nov-15 2022-Dec-29
Southern crater wall gullies ESP_077005_1230 -56.7 250.8 AxelNobletUWO 2022-Nov-17 2022-Dec-30
Southern crater wall gullies in latitude-dependent mantle ESP_077282_1230 -56.6 251.0 AxelNobletUWO 2022-Nov-17 2023-Jan-21
Landslides in Orson Welles Crater ESP_076910_1805 0.4 314.4 Giuliamagna 2022-Nov-22 2022-Dec-23
Small-scale landslides in Eos Chaos ESP_077886_1635 -16.3 316.6 Giuliamagna 2022-Nov-22 2023-Mar-09
Small-scale landslides in Hydraotes Chaos ESP_077991_1810 0.9 327.4 Giuliamagna 2022-Nov-22 2023-Mar-17
Candidate new impact in CaSSIS image MY36_018584_010 ESP_076863_1875 7.5 157.7 pgrindrod 2022-Nov-24 2022-Dec-19
Sinuous ridge within valley ESP_077499_1495 -30.0 84.7 edwinkite 2022-Nov-29 2023-Feb-07
Eroded crater with eroded floor in Hellas region ESP_076680_1385 -41.0 116.7 jimmars 2022-Nov-30 2022-Dec-05
Channels in Nilokeras Mensae ESP_076765_2100 29.6 309.2 jimmars 2022-Dec-06 2022-Dec-11
Completely altered butte ESP_078089_2300 49.6 164.8 jcarter 2022-Dec-08 2023-Mar-25
Crater ESP_077239_2375 57.0 327.6 rbush1989 2022-Dec-20 2023-Jan-17
Possible pyroxene-rich terrain in Aurorae Chaos ESP_077978_1695 -10.5 323.8 kseelos 2022-Dec-30 2023-Mar-16
Ribbed terrain in Deuteronilus Mensae ESP_077250_2235 43.2 29.8 jimmars 2023-Jan-10 2023-Jan-18
Chlorides and mafic minerals in northern Noachis Terra ESP_078135_1685 -11.5 357.4 kseelos 2023-Jan-11 2023-Mar-28
Elongated crater wall with small valley in Arabia region ESP_078043_1705 -9.6 348.6 kseelos 2023-Jan-11 2023-Mar-21
Sinuous ridges and valley floor landforms in Tempe Terra ESP_077505_2180 37.6 273.5 Frances 2023-Jan-11 2023-Feb-07
Slope streak monitoring ESP_078021_1940 14.0 227.1 dstillman 2023-Jan-13 2023-Mar-19
Pyroxene-rich crater wall outcrops in Sinus Sabaeus ESP_078187_1695 -10.2 17.4 kseelos 2023-Jan-15 2023-Apr-01
Pyroxene-rich materials in Sinus Sabaeus ESP_078042_1720 -8.0 16.1 kseelos 2023-Jan-15 2023-Mar-21
Cones in northern mid-latitudes ESP_077620_2250 44.7 8.3 jimmars 2023-Jan-17 2023-Feb-16
Hydrated materials in Columbus Crater ESP_077640_1505 -29.3 193.2 kseelos 2023-Jan-17 2023-Feb-18
Crater dune field frosting processes ESP_077641_1095 -70.4 178.2 cdinwiddie 2023-Jan-19 2023-Feb-18
Richardson Crater frosting processes ESP_077575_1080 -72.0 179.4 cdinwiddie 2023-Jan-19 2023-Feb-12
Kaiser Crater dune field frosting processes ESP_077607_1325 -47.2 19.5 cdinwiddie 2023-Jan-20 2023-Feb-15
Russell Crater megadune frosting processes ESP_078016_1255 -54.3 13.0 cdinwiddie 2023-Jan-20 2023-Mar-19
Dunefield and gully frosting processes ESP_078029_1250 -54.6 17.5 cdinwiddie 2023-Jan-24 2023-Mar-20
Sediment fan outside crater wall ESP_078083_1960 15.8 333.0 PF88 2023-Jan-26 2023-Mar-24
Recent impact site in Arabia Terra ESP_077910_2085 28.3 15.4 vidhyaganeshr 2023-Feb-08 2023-Mar-11
Scarp in Claritas Fossae ESP_078152_1575 -22.5 254.7 Chmee2 2023-Feb-16 2023-Mar-29
Channel bedforms and fan north of Arabia Terra ESP_078173_2195 39.4 33.9 dcantillo 2023-Feb-16 2023-Mar-31
Impact-related deposits and flows east of Shalbatana Vallis ESP_077965_1875 7.3 316.9 jburley 2023-Feb-21 2023-Mar-15
Impact-related deposits and flows in southern Arabia Terra ESP_078134_1855 5.3 22.1 jburley 2023-Feb-21 2023-Mar-28