HiWish Observations (Previous Year To Date)

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This map shows HiWish suggestions which have resulted in observations in the last year.

Title ID Latitude Longitude Suggested By Suggested On Acquired On
161 Observations
Possible gully-associated light-toned materials in crater in Noachis Terra ESP_076394_1425 -37.0 3.2 vidhyaganeshr 2022-Jun-07 2022-Nov-12
Possible gully in southern mid-latitude crater ESP_075563_1310 -48.6 9.5 jimmars 2022-Jul-27 2022-Sep-09
Russell Crater megadune ESP_074007_1255 -54.3 12.9 cdinwiddie 2022-Mar-09 2022-May-10
Dramatic cliffs and swirls in mound-skirting unit ESP_076644_1800 -0.1 14.3 edwinkite 2022-Jul-04 2022-Dec-02
Features in Mamers Valles ESP_075391_2215 41.3 14.4 jimmars 2022-Aug-16 2022-Aug-26
Sisyphi Montes ridge ESP_076196_1090 -70.7 17.0 VictorGB667 2022-Aug-18 2022-Oct-28
Crater fill in Noachis Terra ESP_075668_1385 -41.3 25.5 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2022-Sep-17
Lobate debris apron in Deuteronilus Mensae ESP_075430_2240 43.8 29.4 calvertj 2022-Feb-25 2022-Aug-29
Layers at edge of pedestal crater in Tikhonravov Crater ESP_076353_1940 13.7 35.3 jimmars 2022-Aug-31 2022-Nov-09
Radial ridges on crater floor ESP_074362_1520 -27.8 37.2 jimmars 2022-May-12 2022-Jun-07
Crater ejecta lobe surrounded by mesa-forming material ESP_074085_1550 -24.6 40.1 kedgett 2022-May-11 2022-May-17
Inverted fluvial channels in Terra Sabaea ESP_076366_1595 -20.2 42.9 bboatwright 2022-Jun-08 2022-Nov-10
Inverted fluvial channels in Terra Sabaea ESP_076432_1595 -20.3 42.9 bboatwright 2022-Jun-08 2022-Nov-15
Channels in Hellespontus Montes ESP_075456_1460 -33.5 48.7 jimmars 2022-May-03 2022-Aug-31
Low thermal inertia mound in Terra Sabaea bedrock plain ESP_074968_1605 -19.1 48.7 jcowart 2022-Jul-19 2022-Jul-24
Channel in southern Arabia Terra ESP_075891_1765 -3.6 49.9 jimmars 2022-May-12 2022-Oct-04
Channel in eastern Arabia Terra ESP_075970_1800 -0.0 50.7 jimmars 2022-May-12 2022-Oct-10
Possible layering on crater floor in Protonilus Mensae ESP_073082_2255 44.9 52.2 jimmars 2022-Feb-23 2022-Feb-27
Ridges in Hellas Planitia ESP_075390_1420 -37.7 53.6 jimmars 2022-Jul-27 2022-Aug-26
Channel in Huygens Crater ESP_075192_1625 -17.2 53.7 jimmars 2022-May-12 2022-Aug-11
Channel near Huygens Crater ESP_075271_1605 -19.5 56.8 jimmars 2022-May-12 2022-Aug-17
Channel and crater north of Huygens Crater ESP_075772_1745 -5.4 57.6 jimmars 2022-May-12 2022-Sep-25
Layers in depression south of Antoniadi Crater ESP_074928_1940 14.1 58.0 jimmars 2022-Jul-12 2022-Jul-21
Sand dunes near Huygens Crater ESP_073926_1650 -14.6 59.5 jimmars 2022-Feb-24 2022-May-04
Valleys near Huygens Crater ESP_075983_1640 -15.8 59.7 jimmars 2022-Feb-24 2022-Oct-11
Channels near Huygens Crater ESP_076405_1645 -15.5 59.7 jimmars 2022-Feb-24 2022-Nov-13
Channels near Huygens Crater ESP_076616_1625 -17.2 61.3 jimmars 2022-Feb-27 2022-Nov-30
Bench around ridge east of Huygens Crater ESP_076550_1660 -13.7 61.4 jimmars 2022-Feb-20 2022-Nov-25
Channels on edge of crater east of Huygens Crater ESP_074216_1655 -14.1 61.6 jimmars 2022-Feb-20 2022-May-27
Channels near Huygens Crater ESP_074717_1640 -15.8 62.1 jimmars 2022-Feb-28 2022-Jul-05
Gullies and dark material in Syrtis Major Planum crater ESP_076352_1935 13.4 62.4 marsacademy 2022-Jul-08 2022-Nov-09
Gullies and dark material in Syrtis Major Planum crater ESP_075785_1935 13.4 62.4 marsacademy 2022-Mar-23 2022-Sep-26
Eroded channel near Huygens Crater ESP_076484_1660 -13.8 63.1 jimmars 2022-Mar-01 2022-Nov-19
Valleys near Huygens Crater ESP_075007_1645 -15.4 64.7 jimmars 2022-May-12 2022-Jul-27
Ridge east of Huygens Crater ESP_073873_1680 -11.7 65.0 jimmars 2022-Feb-17 2022-Apr-30
Layers in crater with alluvial fans ESP_075640_1570 -22.7 65.5 edwinkite 2022-Jul-08 2022-Sep-15
Small candidate lake deposit downstream of alluvial fan ESP_076629_1675 -12.6 66.0 edwinkite 2022-Jul-16 2022-Dec-01
Channels and depression north of Hellas region ESP_075508_1660 -13.8 66.8 jimmars 2022-Aug-06 2022-Sep-04
Channels and depression north of Hellas region ESP_076141_1660 -13.9 66.8 jimmars 2022-Feb-15 2022-Oct-24
Phyllosilicates in eastern ejecta of Negril Crater ESP_075666_2005 20.2 70.4 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2022-Sep-17
Phyllosilicate-rich terrain adjacent to Toro Crater ESP_075811_1970 16.6 71.5 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2022-Sep-28
Phyllosilicate-rich terrain adjacent to Toro Crater ESP_076444_1965 16.5 71.5 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2022-Nov-16
Phyllosilicates west of Nili Fossae ESP_075956_2020 21.8 72.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2022-Oct-09
Terrain sample ESP_076655_1970 16.9 72.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-14 2022-Dec-03
Phyllosilicates in rim of crater near Toro Crater ESP_076378_1985 18.1 72.5 kseelos 2022-Jul-12 2022-Nov-11
Possible phyllosilicate-rich terrain in northeast Syrtis Major ESP_075323_1975 17.3 72.6 kseelos 2022-Jun-23 2022-Aug-21
Deposits in crater south of Fournier Crater ESP_073754_1740 -5.8 73.2 leahsacks 2022-Feb-09 2022-Apr-21
Mad Vallis channels ESP_073675_1265 -53.4 77.3 marsacademy 2022-Mar-18 2022-Apr-15
Light toned layers northeast of Hellas Planitia ESP_076167_1475 -32.0 78.8 jimmars 2022-Jan-31 2022-Oct-26
Floor deposits in crater ESP_074835_1750 -4.7 79.1 leahsacks 2022-Jun-13 2022-Jul-14
Channel in crater northeast of Hellas Planitia ESP_076378_1490 -30.8 79.1 jimmars 2022-Jan-31 2022-Nov-11
Isidis region boundary of Noachian epoch olivine-rich terrain ESP_076259_2000 19.7 80.1 kseelos 2022-Jul-15 2022-Nov-02
Extend coverage of big and thick candidate lake deposit ESP_076549_2060 25.9 83.7 edwinkite 2022-Jul-16 2022-Nov-25
Channel northeast of Hellas region ESP_075428_1615 -18.5 90.4 jimmars 2022-May-12 2022-Aug-29
Channel near Millochau Crater ESP_076549_1565 -23.1 90.5 jimmars 2022-Apr-14 2022-Nov-25
Channel near ejecta north of Hadriaca Patera ESP_075995_1520 -27.9 93.0 jimmars 2022-Apr-21 2022-Oct-12
Landforms south of Isidis Planitia ESP_075019_1820 1.8 95.0 eschelle 2022-Jul-18 2022-Jul-28
Flow features ESP_076140_1420 -37.8 95.6 edwinkite 2022-Apr-13 2022-Oct-24
Flow features ESP_075639_1420 -37.7 95.6 edwinkite 2022-Apr-13 2022-Sep-15
Channels north of Savich Crater ESP_074373_1535 -26.1 96.4 jimmars 2022-Apr-28 2022-Jun-08
Mass wasting of crater wall in Tyrrhena Terra ESP_075164_1610 -19.0 97.6 jimmars 2022-May-06 2022-Aug-09
Terrain sample ESP_075889_2250 44.8 97.7 mgspag 2022-Jun-24 2022-Oct-04
Crater northeast of Hellas region ESP_074808_1610 -19.0 98.1 jimmars 2022-May-10 2022-Jul-12
Field of dunes in Hesperia Planum ESP_076364_1655 -14.4 98.2 jimmars 2022-May-09 2022-Nov-10
Channels in Hesperia Planum ESP_075797_1640 -15.9 98.3 jimmars 2022-May-09 2022-Sep-27
Channels in Hesperia Planum ESP_076153_1640 -16.0 98.3 jimmars 2022-May-12 2022-Oct-25
Ridge northeast of Hellas Planitia ESP_075665_1625 -17.1 101.6 jimmars 2022-May-13 2022-Sep-17
Crater wall northeast of Hellas Planitia ESP_076232_1645 -15.3 101.8 jimmars 2022-May-14 2022-Oct-31
Graben and channel near Tyrrhena Patera ESP_075955_1570 -22.9 105.3 jimmars 2022-May-20 2022-Oct-09
Line of ridges on Tyrrhenus Mons ESP_075533_1585 -21.2 105.6 jimmars 2022-May-21 2022-Sep-06
Fracture with possible channels ESP_073634_1895 9.5 106.2 marsacademy 2022-Mar-23 2022-Apr-11
Craters on Tyrrhena Patera ESP_075467_1580 -22.0 107.1 jimmars 2022-May-23 2022-Sep-01
Crater northeast of Hellas region ESP_076126_1685 -11.6 115.0 jimmars 2022-May-25 2022-Oct-23
Valley in Terra Cimmeria ESP_076614_1680 -12.0 115.3 jimmars 2022-May-24 2022-Nov-30
Eroded crater with eroded floor in Hellas region ESP_076680_1385 -41.0 116.7 jimmars 2022-Nov-30 2022-Dec-05
Amenthes Rupes ESP_076693_1800 -0.1 117.2 Giuliamagna 2022-Mar-25 2022-Dec-06
Small ridge near Licus Vallis ESP_074741_1775 -2.6 125.3 Aaron 2022-May-20 2022-Jul-07
Small ridge near Licus Vallis ESP_074807_1775 -2.6 125.3 Aaron 2022-May-20 2022-Jul-12
Ridge near fluvial terraces in Licus Vallis ESP_075519_1780 -2.0 125.9 Aaron 2022-May-20 2022-Sep-05
Regularly oriented ridges in Licus Vallis watershed ESP_076376_1790 -0.7 126.9 Aaron 2022-May-20 2022-Nov-11
Regularly oriented ridges in Licus Vallis watershed ESP_076231_1790 -0.7 126.9 Aaron 2022-May-20 2022-Oct-31
Patchy outcrop of light-toned materials ESP_074952_1480 -31.7 127.2 jcowart 2022-Jul-12 2022-Jul-23
Possible ice-exposing crater in Vastitas Borealis ESP_075664_1110 -68.9 139.9 vidhyaganeshr 2022-Aug-11 2022-Sep-17
Inverted delta trunk channel in southeast Aeolis Dorsa ESP_075808_1735 -6.4 153.8 AeolisGroup 2022-Sep-01 2022-Sep-28
Inverted delta trunk channel in southeast Aeolis Dorsa ESP_076507_1735 -6.4 153.8 AeolisGroup 2022-Sep-01 2022-Nov-21
Possible terminus of glacial valley flow in Phlegra Montes ESP_075557_2205 40.3 163.2 candres5 2022-Mar-03 2022-Sep-08
Concentric crater fill within lobate debris apron in Phlegra Montes ESP_075636_2200 39.6 166.0 candres5 2022-Mar-03 2022-Sep-14
Elysium Planitia ESP_076203_1760 -4.0 171.4 cperrin 2022-Sep-13 2022-Oct-29
Elysium Planitia ESP_076361_1835 3.6 175.9 Cla96 2022-Apr-29 2022-Nov-10
Elysium Planitia ESP_076005_1835 3.6 175.9 Cla96 2022-Apr-29 2022-Oct-13
Fossa in Orcus Patera ESP_075662_1935 13.2 178.5 NoguchiR 2022-Apr-13 2022-Sep-16
Fossa in Orcus Patera ESP_074739_1935 13.2 178.5 NoguchiR 2022-Apr-13 2022-Jul-07
Crater with overlapping ejecta ESP_076387_2400 59.7 180.0 Sumangala 2022-Mar-19 2022-Nov-12
Minerals in Terra Sirenum ESP_076519_1450 -34.5 191.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-18 2022-Nov-22
South polar layered deposits ESP_074950_0915 -88.3 192.5 bpeter 2022-Apr-14 2022-Jul-23
South polar layered deposits ESP_075373_0915 -88.4 192.9 bpeter 2022-Apr-14 2022-Aug-25
Possible mud volcano ESP_075266_1555 -24.4 193.1 jcarter 2022-Jul-22 2022-Aug-17
Possible olivine-rich crater floor in Terra Sirenum ESP_076677_1465 -33.3 198.7 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2022-Dec-05
Potential dark sand in the eastern Medusae Fossae Formation ESP_076690_1760 -3.7 199.4 devonmburr1 2022-Jun-13 2022-Dec-06
Terra Sirenum ESP_076360_1465 -33.2 210.4 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2022-Nov-10
South polar region ESP_075279_0920 -87.9 210.9 bpeter 2022-Apr-13 2022-Aug-18
South polar region ESP_075425_0920 -87.9 210.9 bpeter 2022-Apr-13 2022-Aug-29
Minerals exposed by Terra Sirenum impact crater ESP_076505_1430 -36.8 213.0 kseelos 2022-Jul-22 2022-Nov-21
Mesa in low northern latitudes ESP_073973_1900 9.9 213.7 jimmars 2022-May-02 2022-May-08
Upslope of landslide deposit ESP_076650_1515 -28.3 214.8 kseelos 2022-Oct-07 2022-Dec-02
Boulders inside of pits on mesa ESP_073986_1810 1.0 217.5 jimmars 2022-May-02 2022-May-09
Possible wind streaks and multiple flow textures in Daedalia Planum ESP_075014_1635 -16.1 232.6 nglines 2022-Jul-18 2022-Jul-28
Cone in Halex Fossae ESP_074816_2080 27.6 233.2 antdoghalo 2022-Feb-02 2022-Jul-13
Small volcano and channel in Halex Fossae ESP_076227_2075 27.5 233.4 antdoghalo 2022-Feb-02 2022-Oct-30
Trough exiting Sulci Gordii ESP_076016_1965 16.2 234.1 raccalgary 2022-May-10 2022-Oct-14
Head of sinuous depression west of Alba Mons ESP_076187_2235 43.3 242.7 CratersEvryver 2022-Aug-14 2022-Oct-27
Layered plateau in Pavonis Mons fan-shaped deposit ESP_075541_1840 4.1 244.8 kscanlon 2022-May-25 2022-Sep-07
Layered plateau in Pavonis Mons fan-shaped deposit ESP_075607_1840 4.1 244.8 kscanlon 2022-May-25 2022-Sep-12
Terraced rim and floor of polar pedestal crater ESP_073735_1040 -76.0 248.5 marsacademy 2022-Mar-23 2022-Apr-19
Remnant of volcanic cone in Claritas Fossae ESP_076675_1525 -27.3 252.2 Chmee2 2022-Oct-05 2022-Dec-04
Monitoring gullies in crater near Alba Patera ESP_076569_2245 44.2 255.4 vidhyaganeshr 2022-Jul-27 2022-Nov-26
Volcanic cone in Claritas Fossae ESP_076556_1510 -28.5 260.2 Chmee2 2022-Oct-05 2022-Nov-25
Impact-related deposits and flows northeast of Ascraeus Mons ESP_075382_1985 18.3 260.4 jburley 2022-Jun-30 2022-Aug-26
Possible melt flows from Oudemans Crater ESP_075949_1710 -9.0 266.5 EPilles 2022-Sep-06 2022-Oct-09
Oudemans Crater interior ESP_076648_1715 -8.6 266.5 kseelos 2022-Oct-06 2022-Dec-02
Slope survey ESP_076529_1720 -7.9 274.7 kseelos 2022-Oct-06 2022-Nov-23
Crater and ejecta ESP_076595_1535 -26.2 275.2 kseelos 2022-Jul-31 2022-Nov-28
Volcanic flow near Tempe Terra ESP_075487_2110 30.6 275.5 indujaa 2022-Apr-30 2022-Sep-03
Wrinkle ridge in Sinai Dorsa ESP_076608_1655 -14.3 278.4 kseelos 2022-Oct-02 2022-Nov-29
Monitoring for rockfall near InSight seismic detection ESP_075144_1700 -10.1 283.4 drhood 2022-May-06 2022-Aug-07
Layers in trough in Labeatis Fossae ESP_074735_2085 28.2 284.6 jimmars 2022-Jun-29 2022-Jul-06
Melas Chasma ESP_076568_1670 -12.8 290.6 kseelos 2022-Oct-02 2022-Nov-26
Southern Thaumasia Planum ESP_076225_1505 -29.3 294.8 kseelos 2022-Aug-08 2022-Oct-30
Terrain sample ESP_075803_1500 -29.5 295.8 kseelos 2022-Aug-08 2022-Sep-27
Ridges in Tempe Terra ESP_074906_2160 35.7 296.0 jimmars 2022-Jul-12 2022-Jul-20
Circular landform north of Kasei Valles ESP_074972_2085 28.1 296.7 sharalynn1975 2022-Jul-19 2022-Jul-25
Extension of Labeatis Fossae ESP_073218_2145 34.3 299.2 gianjthelion 2022-Mar-02 2022-Mar-10
Inverted channel and possible lake deposits ESP_076462_1725 -7.6 303.4 edwinkite 2022-Jul-08 2022-Nov-18
Impact related deposits and flows near Jijiga Crater ESP_074286_2050 24.7 305.4 jburley 2022-Feb-16 2022-Jun-01
Impact-related deposits and flows near Jijiga Crater ESP_076409_2050 25.0 305.5 jburley 2022-Feb-16 2022-Nov-14
Source of stratified fan material in southeast Baltisk Crater ESP_074761_1370 -42.5 305.7 hkreider 2022-Jun-15 2022-Jul-08
Impact-related deposits and flows near Jijiga Crater ESP_074075_2055 25.4 306.3 jburley 2022-Feb-16 2022-May-16
Terrain sample ESP_075776_1830 3.0 308.3 edwinkite 2022-Jul-09 2022-Sep-25
Terrain sample ESP_075987_1830 3.0 308.3 edwinkite 2022-Jul-09 2022-Oct-12
Possible clay deposits in crater rim southwest of Her Desher Vallis ESP_073719_1545 -25.3 310.6 adicecc 2022-Feb-22 2022-Apr-18
Possible smectite-rich terrain north of Her Desher Vallis ESP_074787_1550 -24.7 311.9 adicecc 2022-Apr-29 2022-Jul-10
Possible low-calcium pyroxene block on central ridge in Her Desher Vallis ESP_073442_1545 -25.3 312.3 adicecc 2022-Feb-22 2022-Mar-27
Possible phyllosilicate-rich terrain in crater near Her Desher Vallis ESP_075921_1540 -25.6 312.5 adicecc 2022-Sep-02 2022-Oct-07
Possible phyllosilicate-rich terrain in crater near Her Desher Vallis ESP_075354_1540 -25.6 312.5 adicecc 2022-Jul-26 2022-Aug-23
Possible clay-rich deposits in crater rims south of Her Desher Vallis ESP_073864_1540 -25.9 312.8 adicecc 2022-Feb-22 2022-Apr-29
Possible phyllosilicates exposed in crater near Her Desher Vallis ESP_074431_1570 -23.0 313.1 adicecc 2022-May-18 2022-Jun-13
Crater with irregular shape ESP_075591_2110 30.7 317.2 jimmars 2022-Sep-06 2022-Sep-11
Possible clay-rich deposit exposed in crater rim north of Nirgal Vallis ESP_074022_1525 -27.1 320.1 adicecc 2022-Apr-06 2022-May-12
Chaos region near Osuga Valles ESP_075868_1640 -15.8 320.7 jimmars 2022-Sep-07 2022-Oct-02
Pole-facing gullies in 6-km crater on Bond Crater rim ESP_074246_1475 -32.1 323.7 rihuang 2022-Apr-27 2022-May-29
Pole-facing gullies in 6-km crater on Bond Crater rim ESP_074391_1475 -32.1 323.7 rihuang 2022-Apr-27 2022-Jun-09
Pole-facing gullies in 7-km crater within Bond Crater ESP_074747_1470 -32.8 323.9 rihuang 2022-Apr-27 2022-Jul-07
Pole-facing gullies in 7-km crater within Bond Crater ESP_074457_1470 -32.8 323.9 rihuang 2022-Apr-27 2022-Jun-15
Fan apex on Holden Crater rim ESP_075182_1525 -27.1 326.2 edwinkite 2022-May-02 2022-Aug-10
Fan apex on Holden Crater rim ESP_074892_1525 -27.1 326.2 edwinkite 2022-Feb-19 2022-Jul-18
Layered materials exposed in crater near Uzboi Vallis ESP_074971_1515 -28.1 328.5 adicecc 2022-May-20 2022-Jul-25
Crater in Oxia Planum ESP_076685_1965 16.4 333.0 emmaharris1 2022-Apr-13 2022-Dec-05
Exposed crater rim deposits near Oxia Planum ESP_073652_1980 17.6 334.8 asiwabes 2022-Mar-18 2022-Apr-13
Aram Chaos mineralogical variability ESP_075788_1840 3.9 339.6 kseelos 2022-Aug-31 2022-Sep-26
Exposed crater rim deposits near Mawrth Vallis ESP_075656_2000 19.7 343.5 asiwabes 2022-May-26 2022-Sep-16
Impact-related deposits and flows near Noord Crater ESP_074456_1605 -19.5 349.7 jburley 2022-Feb-25 2022-Jun-14