HiWish Observations (Previous Year To Date)

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This map shows HiWish suggestions which have resulted in observations in the last year.

Title ID Latitude Longitude Suggested By Suggested On Acquired On
175 Observations
Mawrth Vallis stratigraphy ESP_070474_2015 21.2 341.4 joeldavis 2021-Jun-30 2021-Aug-08
Mawrth Vallis stratigraphy ESP_070896_2015 21.2 341.4 joeldavis 2021-Jun-30 2021-Sep-10
Mawrth Vallis stratigraphy ESP_072043_2015 21.2 341.6 joeldavis 2021-Jun-30 2021-Dec-08
Mawrth Vallis stratigraphy ESP_072109_2015 21.2 341.6 joeldavis 2021-Jun-30 2021-Dec-14
Crater ejecta in Tyrrhena Terra ESP_073780_1675 -12.4 83.8 leahsacks 2021-Jul-05 2022-Apr-23
Contact on floor of Huygens Crater ESP_073636_1630 -16.6 55.8 jimmars 2021-Jul-07 2022-Apr-12
Flow feature near Huo Hsing Vallis ESP_071829_2100 29.7 66.7 nkhadland 2021-Jul-07 2021-Nov-22
Mawrth Vallis crater stratigraphy ESP_072610_2030 22.8 342.0 joeldavis 2021-Jul-08 2022-Jan-22
Mawrth Vallis crater stratigraphy ESP_072755_2030 22.9 342.4 joeldavis 2021-Jul-08 2022-Feb-02
Dune monitoring near Firsoff Crater ESP_070777_1815 1.4 351.9 vidhyaganeshr 2021-Jul-12 2021-Sep-01
Dipping layers against mounds in northern mid-latitudes ESP_070458_2195 39.3 58.8 jimmars 2021-Jul-13 2021-Aug-07
Inverted channels and clay-rich terrain in Mawrth Vallis ESP_070975_2060 25.9 341.4 joeldavis 2021-Jul-15 2021-Sep-16
Inverted channels and clay-rich terrain in Mawrth Vallis ESP_071041_2060 25.9 341.4 joeldavis 2021-Jul-15 2021-Sep-21
Ridges in Terra Sabaea ESP_071922_1775 -2.4 50.1 jimmars 2021-Jul-21 2021-Nov-29
Slope features ESP_071517_1645 -15.3 309.7 edwinkite 2021-Jul-25 2021-Oct-28
Slope features ESP_071583_1645 -15.3 309.7 edwinkite 2021-Jul-25 2021-Nov-03
Unusual crater fill located on elevated terrain in Daedalia Planum ESP_072627_1475 -32.0 243.5 yycyoyo 2021-Jul-25 2022-Jan-23
Impact-related deposits and flows near Noord Crater ESP_070975_1605 -19.3 348.0 jburley 2021-Jul-27 2021-Sep-16
Lobate flows in Huygens Crater ESP_071513_1680 -11.8 58.7 jimmars 2021-Jul-29 2021-Oct-28
Ridge northeast of Huygens Crater ESP_071869_1720 -8.0 58.2 jimmars 2021-Jul-29 2021-Nov-25
Contact in Noachis Terra ESP_073860_1620 -17.7 61.3 jimmars 2021-Aug-03 2022-Apr-29
Cyclic stratigraphy of Kaporo Crater mound ESP_073677_1800 -0.1 14.5 aannex 2021-Aug-05 2022-Apr-15
Cyclic stratigraphy of Kaporo Crater mound ESP_073822_1800 -0.1 14.5 aannex 2021-Aug-05 2022-Apr-26
Lower stratigraphy of Kaporo Crater mound ESP_073466_1800 -0.1 14.5 aannex 2021-Aug-05 2022-Mar-29
Crater in Utopia Planitia ESP_072698_2125 32.3 96.9 scase24 2021-Aug-06 2022-Jan-28
Crater mound in Utopia Planitia ESP_072619_2145 34.0 94.3 scase24 2021-Aug-06 2022-Jan-22
Craters in Utopia Planitia ESP_070773_2115 31.4 97.2 scase24 2021-Aug-06 2021-Aug-31
Crater in Utopia Planitia ESP_071485_2105 30.1 97.3 scase24 2021-Aug-09 2021-Oct-26
Crater in Utopia Planitia ESP_073687_2135 33.3 96.2 scase24 2021-Aug-09 2022-Apr-16
Craters in Utopia Planitia ESP_072909_2135 33.4 96.6 scase24 2021-Aug-09 2022-Feb-14
Crater slope monitoring ESP_070872_2260 45.4 271.5 vidhyaganeshr 2021-Aug-10 2021-Sep-08
Deposits and flows in Xanthe Terra ESP_071688_1795 -0.7 319.8 jburley 2021-Aug-10 2021-Nov-11
Embayed bounds near Huygens Crater ESP_071526_1680 -11.9 63.0 jimmars 2021-Aug-10 2021-Oct-29
Monitoring north polar seasonal streaks ESP_070842_2590 78.8 357.2 vidhyaganeshr 2021-Aug-10 2021-Sep-06
Layers in crater in Noachis Terra ESP_073029_1710 -8.9 65.5 jimmars 2021-Aug-12 2022-Feb-23
Terrain sample ESP_071694_1800 0.1 155.5 edwinkite 2021-Aug-12 2021-Nov-11
Terrain sample ESP_071905_1800 0.1 155.5 edwinkite 2021-Aug-12 2021-Nov-28
Pits and troughs in Utopia Planitia ESP_071471_2035 23.2 118.9 jimmars 2021-Aug-17 2021-Oct-25
Slope monitoring of 3-km impact crater in Terra Sabaea ESP_070987_1675 -12.3 20.1 vidhyaganeshr 2021-Aug-19 2021-Sep-17
Slope monitoring of well-preserved crater in Tyrrhena Terra ESP_072369_1735 -6.5 83.5 vidhyaganeshr 2021-Aug-19 2022-Jan-03
Small delta or fan ESP_072753_2090 28.8 36.5 schoepf 2021-Aug-19 2022-Feb-02
Small delta or fan ESP_072905_1735 -6.2 210.5 schoepf 2021-Aug-19 2022-Feb-14
Small delta or fan ESP_073538_1735 -6.2 210.5 schoepf 2021-Aug-19 2022-Apr-04
Small delta or fan ESP_073683_1645 -15.4 212.2 schoepf 2021-Aug-19 2022-Apr-15
Small delta or fan ESP_073828_1645 -15.4 212.2 schoepf 2021-Aug-19 2022-Apr-27
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Oxia Planum ESP_072241_1985 18.3 335.9 aparkesbowen 2021-Aug-23 2021-Dec-24
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Oxia Planum ESP_072307_1985 18.3 335.9 aparkesbowen 2021-Aug-23 2021-Dec-29
ExoMars landing site in Oxia Planum ESP_071740_1980 17.7 336.2 aparkesbowen 2021-Aug-23 2021-Nov-15
ExoMars landing site within Oxia Planum ESP_071951_1980 17.7 336.2 aparkesbowen 2021-Aug-23 2021-Dec-01
Fan-shaped landform at terminus of broad flat ridge ESP_071025_2025 22.5 58.7 kedgett 2021-Aug-23 2021-Sep-20
Light-toned fractured material at west end of Nectaris Montes ridge ESP_071003_1655 -14.4 303.7 kedgett 2021-Aug-23 2021-Sep-18
Light-toned material in eastern Nectaris Montes ridge ESP_071082_1655 -14.6 306.4 kedgett 2021-Aug-23 2021-Sep-25
Portion of ridge in northwestern Antoniadi crater ESP_071737_2025 22.5 58.6 kedgett 2021-Aug-23 2021-Nov-15
Portion of ridge in northwestern Antoniadi Crater ESP_073728_2025 22.4 58.5 kedgett 2021-Aug-23 2022-Apr-19
Terraced landform on slope in north wall of Ius Chasma ESP_072296_1730 -7.0 278.6 kedgett 2021-Aug-23 2021-Dec-28
Crater possibly bearing periglacial features ESP_071926_2525 72.4 285.7 MevenPhilippe 2021-Sep-10 2021-Nov-29
Possible periglacial features ESP_071847_2515 71.3 283.8 MevenPhilippe 2021-Sep-10 2021-Nov-23
Possible scalloped depressions ESP_071755_2555 75.6 273.3 MevenPhilippe 2021-Sep-10 2021-Nov-16
Three close craters with various sizes ESP_071689_2525 72.1 278.5 MevenPhilippe 2021-Sep-10 2021-Nov-11
Candidate Mars Science Helicopter traverse ESP_072427_1645 -15.3 301.5 edwinkite 2021-Sep-13 2022-Jan-07
Possible Ingenuity traverse route ESP_072137_1645 -15.3 301.5 edwinkite 2021-Sep-13 2021-Dec-16
Possible Mars Science Helicopter traverse route ESP_072994_1645 -15.3 301.6 edwinkite 2021-Sep-13 2022-Feb-21
Possible Mars Science Helicopter traverse route ESP_073139_1645 -15.3 301.6 edwinkite 2021-Sep-13 2022-Mar-04
Layered butte near Mawrth Vallis ESP_072096_2065 26.0 335.1 joemcneil 2021-Sep-14 2021-Dec-13
Layered butte near Mawrth Vallis ESP_072162_2065 26.0 335.1 joemcneil 2021-Sep-14 2021-Dec-18
Terrain sample ESP_072325_1590 -21.0 209.2 edwinkite 2021-Sep-21 2021-Dec-30
Recent impact near Hebrus Valles ESP_072763_2025 22.3 124.3 Micascisto 2021-Sep-27 2022-Feb-03
North polar region ESP_071812_2690 89.2 150.5 grahamfrazer5 2021-Sep-27 2021-Nov-20
North polar layered deposits ESP_071531_2685 88.7 260.4 grahamfrazer5 2021-Sep-28 2021-Oct-30
Broad u-shaped ridge in Aeolis Dorsa ESP_071971_1760 -3.9 151.8 kedgett 2021-Oct-02 2021-Dec-03
Fan-shaped feature at valley terminus in a crater in Antoniadi Crater ESP_071948_2015 21.5 57.8 kedgett 2021-Oct-02 2021-Dec-01
Group of semi-sinuous ridges in Aeolis Dorsa ESP_073606_1755 -4.5 152.5 kedgett 2021-Oct-02 2022-Apr-09
Horseshoe-shaped trough in Aeolis Dorsa region ESP_072327_1750 -4.8 152.3 kedgett 2021-Oct-02 2021-Dec-31
Intersection of Aeolis Serpens with crater rim ESP_073870_1820 2.2 147.7 kedgett 2021-Oct-02 2022-Apr-30
Intersection of ridges in Aeolis Dorsa ESP_072472_1730 -6.7 152.6 kedgett 2021-Oct-02 2022-Jan-11
Sinuous ridge emergent from beneath crater ejecta ESP_072683_1825 2.4 148.2 kedgett 2021-Oct-02 2022-Jan-27
Sinuous ridge in Aeolis Dorsa ESP_071826_1740 -5.7 152.7 kedgett 2021-Oct-02 2021-Nov-22
Bedforms close to Viking 1 Lander ESP_072321_2025 22.3 312.2 Alexis 2021-Oct-05 2021-Dec-30
Bedforms close to Viking 1 Lander ESP_072387_2025 22.4 312.2 Alexis 2021-Oct-05 2022-Jan-04
Hydraotes Chaos terrain sample ESP_071490_1805 0.3 325.5 Alexis 2021-Oct-05 2021-Oct-26
Layers in Hydraotes Chaos ESP_071569_1815 1.4 327.4 Alexis 2021-Oct-05 2021-Nov-01
Northern plains crater rim material ESP_071556_2105 30.2 319.2 Alexis 2021-Oct-05 2021-Oct-31
Northern plains crater rim materials ESP_073204_2140 33.6 322.0 Alexis 2021-Oct-05 2022-Mar-09
Subsidence depression ESP_071503_1800 -0.0 330.1 Alexis 2021-Oct-05 2021-Oct-27
Impact-related deposits and flows west of Shalbatana Vallis ESP_071543_1875 7.3 316.5 jburley 2021-Oct-06 2021-Oct-30
Dichotomy boundary ESP_071923_2260 45.4 13.8 sfsholes 2021-Oct-13 2021-Nov-29
Deflated rampart crater between channels in Hephaestus Fossae ESP_071682_2025 22.1 121.5 Micascisto 2021-Oct-14 2021-Nov-10
Deflated rampart crater near Hephaestus Fossae ESP_071893_1975 17.5 119.9 Micascisto 2021-Oct-14 2021-Nov-27
Lava infilling low topography ESP_073563_1760 -4.2 244.8 eshoemaker1 2021-Oct-14 2022-Apr-06
Terrain sample near Arsia Mons ESP_071849_1700 -10.0 244.3 eshoemaker1 2021-Oct-14 2021-Nov-23
Terrain sample near Arsia Mons with crater ESP_072350_1695 -10.3 245.0 eshoemaker1 2021-Oct-14 2022-Jan-01
Dichotomy boundary ESP_071699_2260 45.4 13.8 sfsholes 2021-Oct-15 2021-Nov-12
Candidate recent impact site in southwest Phaethontis region ESP_073618_1300 -49.7 190.9 jpate34 2021-Oct-22 2022-Apr-10
Polar terrain imaging ESP_072320_2580 78.1 320.9 mwillisreddick 2021-Oct-22 2021-Dec-30
Polar terrain imaging ESP_072557_2580 78.1 320.9 mwillisreddick 2021-Oct-22 2022-Jan-18
Sinuous ridge emergent from beneath crater ejecta ESP_072393_1825 2.5 148.2 kedgett 2021-Oct-22 2022-Jan-05
Intersection of Aeolis Serpens with crater rim ESP_073527_1820 2.2 147.7 kedgett 2021-Oct-22 2022-Apr-03
Broad u-shaped ridge in Aeolis Dorsa ESP_072037_1760 -3.9 151.8 kedgett 2021-Oct-22 2021-Dec-08
Sinuous ridge in Aeolis Dorsa ESP_072116_1740 -5.7 152.7 kedgett 2021-Oct-22 2021-Dec-14
Layered light-toned deposits ESP_072958_1540 -25.7 203.7 binlongy 2021-Oct-22 2022-Feb-18
Candidate recent impact in Utopia Planitia ESP_071933_2080 27.5 105.5 jpate34 2021-Oct-25 2021-Nov-30
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_071829_2625 82.7 40.3 Isaac 2021-Oct-25 2021-Nov-22
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_071882_2620 81.9 31.1 Isaac 2021-Oct-25 2021-Nov-26
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_072370_2620 82.0 33.3 Isaac 2021-Oct-25 2022-Jan-03
North polar residual cap plateau ESP_071948_2620 82.1 33.4 Isaac 2021-Oct-25 2021-Dec-01
Rough polar terrain ESP_072214_2575 77.1 332.7 mwillisreddick 2021-Oct-26 2021-Dec-22
Rough polar terrain ESP_072267_2575 77.1 332.7 mwillisreddick 2021-Oct-26 2021-Dec-26
Impact crater at lava flow margins ESP_072230_2105 30.4 276.6 indujaa 2021-Oct-27 2021-Dec-23
Subsidence depression ESP_071925_1800 -0.0 330.1 Alexis 2021-Oct-28 2021-Nov-29
Hydraotes Chaos terrain sample ESP_071912_1805 0.3 325.5 Alexis 2021-Oct-28 2021-Nov-28
Candidate new impact in Arabia Terra ESP_072819_2080 27.7 32.3 Annabelle 2021-Nov-01 2022-Feb-07
Candidate recent impact site in Arabia Terra ESP_072068_2085 28.4 20.0 Annabelle 2021-Nov-01 2021-Dec-10
Candidate recent impact site in Promethei Terra ESP_073793_1245 -55.2 94.8 Annabelle 2021-Nov-01 2022-Apr-24
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_071816_2625 82.5 35.6 Isaac 2021-Nov-03 2021-Nov-21
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_071895_2625 82.5 38.1 Isaac 2021-Nov-03 2021-Nov-27
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_072304_2620 82.0 32.3 Isaac 2021-Nov-03 2021-Dec-29
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_072436_2615 81.5 31.3 Isaac 2021-Nov-03 2022-Jan-08
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_072502_2620 81.8 31.6 Isaac 2021-Nov-03 2022-Jan-13
North polar residual cap plateau ESP_071908_2630 83.1 40.5 Isaac 2021-Nov-03 2021-Nov-28
North polar residual cap plateau ESP_071922_2615 81.3 31.5 Isaac 2021-Nov-03 2021-Nov-29
North polar residual cap plateau ESP_071961_2625 82.5 38.7 Isaac 2021-Nov-03 2021-Dec-02
Possible chloride-rich deposits source materials ESP_071734_1540 -25.6 148.2 jcowart 2021-Nov-08 2021-Nov-14
Channels in Nilokeras Mensae ESP_071741_2100 29.5 309.5 jimmars 2021-Nov-08 2021-Nov-15
Fluvial feature south of candidate ExoMars landing site in Oxia Planum ESP_072017_1975 17.6 335.8 joeldavis 2021-Nov-11 2021-Dec-06
Monitoring new impact site ESP_072192_2345 54.4 228.5 DanW32 2021-Nov-15 2021-Dec-20
Fluvial sinuous ridge in Oxia Planum ESP_072228_1975 17.1 334.7 joeldavis 2021-Nov-16 2021-Dec-23
South polar troughs ESP_073800_0930 -87.2 311.7 bpeter 2021-Nov-16 2022-Apr-24
South polar troughs ESP_073839_0930 -87.2 345.3 bpeter 2021-Nov-16 2022-Apr-27
Lines of pits in Protonilus Mensae ESP_071869_2240 43.6 52.3 jimmars 2021-Nov-16 2021-Nov-25
Crater in polygon-bearing unit ESP_072104_2285 48.0 114.3 MevenPhilippe 2021-Nov-17 2021-Dec-13
Crater with lobate infilling ESP_072025_2290 48.8 109.7 MevenPhilippe 2021-Nov-17 2021-Dec-07
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_072185_2625 82.5 37.3 Isaac 2021-Nov-17 2021-Dec-20
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_072317_2625 82.5 36.3 Isaac 2021-Nov-17 2021-Dec-30
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_072515_2625 82.5 34.8 Isaac 2021-Nov-17 2022-Jan-14
Sinuous unit in Utopia Planitia ESP_072486_2250 44.6 124.4 MevenPhilippe 2021-Nov-17 2022-Jan-12
Impact related deposits and flows in Thaumasia Planum ESP_072269_1625 -17.4 296.7 jburley 2021-Nov-22 2021-Dec-26
Impact related deposits and flows in Thaumasia Planum ESP_073192_1630 -16.9 296.8 jburley 2021-Nov-22 2022-Mar-08
Impact related deposits and flows outside Kotka Crater ESP_072880_1980 17.8 170.2 jburley 2021-Nov-22 2022-Feb-12
Candidate new impact on floor of Ibragimov Crater ESP_072203_1545 -25.0 300.4 jpate34 2021-Nov-23 2021-Dec-21
Impact related deposits and flows southwest of Mangala Valles ESP_072299_1595 -20.1 199.0 jburley 2021-Nov-24 2021-Dec-28
Impact related deposits and flows southwest of Mangala Valles ESP_072945_1580 -21.7 199.7 jburley 2021-Nov-24 2022-Feb-17
Crater southeast of Thaumasia Planum ESP_072783_1500 -29.9 304.7 adicecc 2021-Nov-30 2022-Feb-04
Impact related deposits and flows in Noachis Terra ESP_072333_1505 -29.2 350.8 jburley 2021-Dec-01 2021-Dec-31
Light toned streak in Tyrrhena Terra ESP_073859_1620 -17.7 88.3 jimmars 2021-Dec-05 2022-Apr-29
Periodic bedrock ridges near Oxia Planum ESP_072518_1975 17.2 334.2 Planitia 2021-Dec-07 2022-Jan-14
Fault deformed crater ESP_073230_1960 15.6 335.3 Planitia 2021-Dec-13 2022-Mar-11
Fault deformed crater ESP_073718_1960 15.6 335.3 Planitia 2021-Dec-13 2022-Apr-18
Faulted crater near Oxia Planum ExoMars landing site ESP_073586_1990 18.7 336.3 Planitia 2021-Dec-13 2022-Apr-08
Secondary crater field in Oxia Planum ESP_073098_1985 18.5 336.0 Planitia 2021-Dec-13 2022-Mar-01
Secondary crater field in Oxia Planum ESP_073164_1985 18.5 336.0 Planitia 2021-Dec-13 2022-Mar-06
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_072396_2625 82.5 39.6 Isaac 2021-Dec-14 2022-Jan-05
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_072462_2625 82.2 33.9 Isaac 2021-Dec-14 2022-Jan-10
North polar layered deposits plateau ESP_072475_2630 82.7 40.8 Isaac 2021-Dec-14 2022-Jan-11
Possible clay deposits exposed in crater rim northeast of Her Desher Vallis ESP_073244_1565 -23.0 316.8 adicecc 2021-Dec-15 2022-Mar-12
Mound with layering and cross-cutting bands ESP_072808_2055 25.2 336.0 joemcneil 2022-Jan-05 2022-Feb-06
Mound with layering and cross-cutting bands ESP_072874_2055 25.2 336.0 joemcneil 2022-Jan-05 2022-Feb-11
Impact-related deposits and flows near Gratteri Crater ESP_073512_1620 -17.6 200.4 jburley 2022-Jan-17 2022-Apr-02
Eroded mesas eroding out of Mawrth Vallis plateau ESP_073797_2040 24.0 335.5 joemcneil 2022-Jan-24 2022-Apr-24
Strata in butte in Chryse Planitia ESP_072953_2060 25.8 336.1 joemcneil 2022-Jan-24 2022-Feb-17
Strata in butte in Chryse Planitia ESP_073243_2060 25.8 336.1 joemcneil 2022-Jan-24 2022-Mar-12
Monitoring an ice-exposing crater west of Phlegra Montes ESP_072905_2240 43.9 204.3 vidhyaganeshr 2022-Jan-25 2022-Feb-14
Monitoring dark and bright slope streaks in Arabia Terra ESP_073083_1945 14.5 27.7 vidhyaganeshr 2022-Jan-25 2022-Feb-27
Monitoring dune gullies at Proctor crater ESP_072925_1320 -47.7 30.7 vidhyaganeshr 2022-Jan-25 2022-Feb-15
Deposits in crater south of Fournier Crater ESP_073754_1740 -5.8 73.2 leahsacks 2022-Feb-09 2022-Apr-21
Fluvial sinuous ridge near Oxia Planum ESP_073507_1965 16.4 333.3 joeldavis 2022-Feb-16 2022-Apr-02
Ridge east of Huygens Crater ESP_073873_1680 -11.7 65.0 jimmars 2022-Feb-17 2022-Apr-30
Possible clay deposits in crater rim southwest of Her Desher Vallis ESP_073719_1545 -25.3 310.6 adicecc 2022-Feb-22 2022-Apr-18
Possible clay-rich deposits in crater rims south of Her Desher Vallis ESP_073864_1540 -25.9 312.8 adicecc 2022-Feb-22 2022-Apr-29
Possible low-calcium pyroxene block on central ridge in Her Desher Vallis ESP_073442_1545 -25.3 312.3 adicecc 2022-Feb-22 2022-Mar-27
Possible layering on crater floor in Protonilus Mensae ESP_073082_2255 44.9 52.2 jimmars 2022-Feb-23 2022-Feb-27
Extension of Labeatis Fossae ESP_073218_2145 34.3 299.2 gianjthelion 2022-Mar-02 2022-Mar-10
Exposed crater rim deposits near Oxia Planum ESP_073652_1980 17.6 334.8 asiwabes 2022-Mar-18 2022-Apr-13
Mad Vallis channels ESP_073675_1265 -53.4 77.3 marsacademy 2022-Mar-18 2022-Apr-15
Fracture with possible channels ESP_073634_1895 9.5 106.2 marsacademy 2022-Mar-23 2022-Apr-11
Terraced rim and floor of polar pedestal crater ESP_073735_1040 -76.0 248.5 marsacademy 2022-Mar-23 2022-Apr-19