HiWish Observations (Previous Year To Date)

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This map shows HiWish suggestions which have resulted in observations in the last year.

Title ID Latitude Longitude Suggested By Suggested On Acquired On
175 Observations
Aeolis Dorsa deltaic lobes ESP_054140_1735 -6.3 154.5 AeolisGroup 2017-Jul-03 2018-Feb-13
Inverted channel on elevated terrain ESP_052899_1775 -2.5 198.7 akhuller 2017-Jul-03 2017-Nov-08
Cracked channel-filling deposit or slumped ejecta ESP_052114_2095 29.2 25.8 hargitai 2017-Jul-03 2017-Sep-08
Crater on flow feature in lava flow field ESP_052383_2040 23.8 241.1 hargitai 2017-Jul-03 2017-Sep-29
Islands and pendant bar like form in lava channel ESP_052725_1825 2.5 269.6 hargitai 2017-Jul-03 2017-Oct-25
Complex inverted channels in Aeolis Dorsa ESP_053639_1760 -4.0 153.8 rjacobse 2017-Jul-03 2018-Jan-05
Geologic contacts for fluvial feature in Aeolis Serpens ESP_052848_1785 -1.6 149.7 rjacobse 2017-Jul-03 2017-Nov-04
Down-cutting channel with possible inverted channel ESP_052140_1525 -27.4 43.8 clegett 2017-Jul-03 2017-Sep-10
Kaolinite-rich terrain in crater west of Nili Fossae ESP_052363_2050 24.6 70.2 jcarter 2017-Jul-06 2017-Sep-27
Small mound with puzzling compositional signature ESP_053998_2135 33.2 68.6 jcarter 2017-Jul-06 2018-Feb-02
Channel and flow that cut crater rim and wall in Daedalia Planum ESP_052568_1570 -22.9 239.2 kedgett 2017-Jul-08 2017-Oct-13
Well-preserved crater north of Hellas Planitia ESP_052218_1635 -16.2 74.3 rsopoco3 2017-Jul-12 2017-Sep-16
Sinuous linear gullies in Hellas Planitia ESP_051770_1345 -45.3 67.2 mmaclay 2017-Jul-18 2017-Aug-12
Sinuous linear gullies in Hellas Planitia ESP_051836_1345 -45.3 67.2 mmaclay 2017-Jul-18 2017-Aug-17
Mound and lava in Phlegra region ESP_052135_2050 24.8 174.1 jimmars 2017-Jul-21 2017-Sep-09
Possible tuff ring near Apollinaris Mons ESP_052913_1725 -7.3 176.2 ggarciac 2017-Jul-21 2017-Nov-09
Lava flow and mound in Tartarus Montes region ESP_052346_2040 23.7 174.2 jimmars 2017-Jul-22 2017-Sep-26
Lava flows and mounds in Tartarus Montes region ESP_051990_2045 24.4 174.0 jimmars 2017-Jul-22 2017-Aug-29
Crater in northern mid-latitudes ESP_053981_2090 28.7 172.5 jimmars 2017-Jul-23 2018-Jan-31
Slope monitoring ESP_052386_1955 15.3 163.4 dstillman 2017-Jul-24 2017-Sep-29
Slope monitoring ESP_054799_1955 15.5 162.6 dstillman 2017-Jul-24 2018-Apr-05
Slope monitoring ESP_052808_1965 16.1 160.8 dstillman 2017-Jul-26 2017-Nov-01
Slope monitoring ESP_052953_1965 16.1 160.8 dstillman 2017-Jul-26 2017-Nov-12
Slope monitoring ESP_054865_1965 16.1 160.8 dstillman 2017-Jul-26 2018-Apr-10
Lines of cones in Tartarus Montes ESP_052267_2065 26.1 171.2 jimmars 2017-Jul-28 2017-Sep-20
Floor of crater in Navua Valles ESP_052877_1460 -33.9 81.2 nglines 2017-Jul-30 2017-Nov-06
Winding channel ESP_052447_2080 27.7 296.0 FaultRaider 2017-Jul-30 2017-Oct-04
Central peak of Lyot Crater ESP_052984_2310 50.4 29.4 nglines 2017-Jul-30 2017-Nov-15
Possible inverted channel within valley ESP_052227_1680 -11.8 185.9 edwinkite 2017-Jul-30 2017-Sep-17
Lava rafts in northern mid-latitudes ESP_054891_2040 24.0 170.0 jimmars 2017-Jul-31 2018-Apr-12
Beagle 2 lander ESP_051914_1915 11.5 90.4 andrewruxton 2017-Aug-02 2017-Aug-23
Slope monitoring ESP_053128_1695 -10.6 66.6 dstillman 2017-Aug-02 2017-Nov-26
Slope monitoring ESP_055040_1695 -10.5 66.7 dstillman 2017-Aug-02 2018-Apr-24
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Oxia Palus region ESP_052551_1980 17.8 336.7 andrewruxton 2017-Aug-04 2017-Oct-12
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Mawrth Vallis ESP_052340_2035 23.0 340.9 andrewruxton 2017-Aug-04 2017-Sep-25
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Mawrth Vallis ESP_052709_2020 21.7 342.4 andrewruxton 2017-Aug-04 2017-Oct-24
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Mawrth Vallis ESP_052775_2030 22.9 341.0 andrewruxton 2017-Aug-04 2017-Oct-29
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Mawrth Vallis ESP_052854_2020 21.8 342.9 andrewruxton 2017-Aug-04 2017-Nov-04
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Mawrth Vallis ESP_052986_2030 22.9 341.1 andrewruxton 2017-Aug-04 2017-Nov-15
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Oxia Palus ESP_053118_1980 17.6 336.5 andrewruxton 2017-Aug-04 2017-Nov-25
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Oxia Palus ESP_053263_1980 17.6 336.6 andrewruxton 2017-Aug-04 2017-Dec-06
Line of pits in Tartarus Colles region ESP_055089_1945 14.5 165.9 jimmars 2017-Aug-04 2018-Apr-28
Extensive layer exposures ESP_052893_1835 3.5 1.5 aannex 2017-Aug-15 2017-Nov-07
Extensive layer exposures ESP_053038_1835 3.5 1.5 aannex 2017-Aug-15 2017-Nov-19
Layer exposures ESP_054106_1835 3.5 1.3 aannex 2017-Aug-15 2018-Feb-10
Layer exposures ESP_055161_1835 3.5 1.3 aannex 2017-Aug-15 2018-May-03
Slope monitoring ESP_053093_2065 26.1 297.6 dstillman 2017-Aug-15 2017-Nov-23
Aram Dorsum contact with underlying terrains ESP_052287_1875 7.4 348.1 Planitia 2017-Aug-16 2017-Sep-21
Contacts between stratified materials ESP_052153_2060 25.9 43.9 kedgett 2017-Aug-16 2017-Sep-11
Faulted viscous flow feature in Tempe Terra ESP_052052_2270 46.5 276.9 Frances 2017-Aug-16 2017-Sep-03
Fine radial ridges and contacts between stratified materials ESP_053010_2060 25.5 43.9 kedgett 2017-Aug-16 2017-Nov-17
Semi-sinuous ridge and stratified material in Arabia Terra ESP_052061_1860 5.8 37.7 kedgett 2017-Aug-16 2017-Sep-04
Semi-sinuous ridge and stratified material in Arabia Terra ESP_052918_1860 6.0 37.7 kedgett 2017-Aug-16 2017-Nov-09
Semi-sinuous ridges at crater wall-floor interface ESP_052127_1520 -27.6 39.2 kedgett 2017-Aug-16 2017-Sep-09
New slope streak near Olympus Mons ESP_053518_1955 15.2 214.9 TCBrothers 2017-Aug-23 2017-Dec-26
Recent lava flow ESP_054618_1915 11.5 64.4 PFawdon 2017-Aug-24 2018-Mar-22
Blockfall monitoring at steep north polar scarp ESP_052369_2640 83.8 235.6 lida 2017-Aug-28 2017-Sep-28
Blockfall monitoring at steep north polar scarp ESP_054782_2640 83.9 235.7 lida 2017-Aug-28 2018-Apr-04
Dune field in Lyot Crater ESP_053406_2295 49.2 29.0 JWidmer22 2017-Aug-28 2017-Dec-17
Northern continuous ejecta boundary of Resen Crater in Hesperia Planum ESP_052375_1520 -27.7 108.7 rcapitan 2017-Aug-30 2017-Sep-28
Candidate landing site for 2020 mission in Gusev Crater ESP_054047_1645 -15.1 175.8 azlmsr701 2017-Sep-08 2018-Feb-05
Candidate landing site for 2020 mission in Gusev Crater ESP_055036_1655 -14.3 176.3 azlmsr701 2017-Sep-08 2018-Apr-23
Valley confluence in Sinus Meridiani ESP_052748_1730 -6.7 1.4 levifdor 2017-Sep-08 2017-Oct-27
Southwest outer rim of Asimov crater ESP_052669_1320 -47.5 4.4 tgpaladino 2017-Sep-08 2017-Oct-21
Boundary of glacial-like flow on Arsia Mons ESP_052924_1730 -7.0 236.2 jkav 2017-Sep-12 2017-Nov-10
Channels and ripples along crater walls ESP_053246_1990 18.9 79.5 TeamErosion 2017-Sep-12 2017-Dec-05
Channels near Granicus Valles and Tinjar Valles ESP_052466_2080 27.7 135.8 stormchasers 2017-Sep-12 2017-Oct-05
Pit chain at base of Olympus Mons ESP_052713_1930 12.9 235.1 msnmons 2017-Sep-12 2017-Oct-24
Sinuous ridges at thermophysical boundary ESP_053670_1550 -24.7 30.8 jcowart 2017-Sep-12 2018-Jan-07
Small channel with potential overbank deposits ESP_052747_1560 -24.0 31.1 jcowart 2017-Sep-12 2017-Oct-27
Sinuous light tone surface on ridged plain ESP_054748_1735 -6.3 117.6 jcowart 2017-Sep-15 2018-Apr-01
Inverted polygonal terrain on mesa top in Schoner Crater ESP_053603_2000 19.6 51.7 hargitai 2017-Sep-16 2018-Jan-02
Layers south of Mawrth Vallis ESP_053790_1945 14.2 349.0 jcarter 2017-Sep-18 2018-Jan-16
Possible aluminous-phyllosilicate-rich terrain ESP_054078_1530 -26.6 52.0 jcarter 2017-Sep-18 2018-Feb-08
Possible serpentine carbonate-rich butte ESP_053722_1455 -34.0 51.6 jcarter 2017-Sep-18 2018-Jan-11
Frosted polar dunes ESP_052409_2595 79.3 236.1 mattbourassa 2017-Sep-24 2017-Oct-01
Graben and rocky deposits on crater floor in Margaritifer Terra ESP_052406_1740 -5.9 339.3 rcapitan 2017-Sep-24 2017-Oct-01
Rocky terrain in southeast Hesperia Planum ESP_052414_1455 -34.3 124.5 EPilles 2017-Sep-24 2017-Oct-01
Dark-toned materials in north polar region ESP_054930_2565 76.4 171.6 rcapitan 2017-Sep-26 2018-Apr-15
Western rim of well-preserved polar crater ESP_052528_2425 62.1 237.6 mattbourassa 2017-Sep-26 2017-Oct-10
Apollinaris Patera scarp ESP_052834_1720 -8.1 174.6 crown 2017-Sep-27 2017-Nov-03
Apollinaris Patera scarp ESP_052900_1720 -8.1 173.9 crown 2017-Sep-27 2017-Nov-08
Apollinaris Patera scarp ESP_052979_1720 -8.1 173.9 crown 2017-Sep-27 2017-Nov-14
Apollinaris Patera scarp ESP_053124_1720 -8.1 174.6 crown 2017-Sep-27 2017-Nov-25
Possible beaded stream on floor of Lyot Crater ESP_052628_2310 50.8 29.0 nglines 2017-Sep-27 2017-Oct-18
Possible beaded stream on floor of Lyot Crater ESP_052694_2310 50.8 29.0 nglines 2017-Sep-27 2017-Oct-23
Tyrrhena Patera scarp ESP_053298_1585 -21.3 106.6 crown 2017-Sep-27 2017-Dec-09
Tyrrhena Patera scarp ESP_054010_1585 -21.3 106.6 crown 2017-Sep-27 2018-Feb-02
Tyrrhenus Mons scarp ESP_052586_1580 -21.7 106.3 crown 2017-Sep-27 2017-Oct-15
Tyrrhenus Mons scarp ESP_052652_1580 -21.7 106.3 crown 2017-Sep-27 2017-Oct-20
Planum Boreum aeolian stratigraphy ESP_053848_2650 84.9 179.0 Micascisto 2017-Oct-02 2018-Jan-21
Planum Boreum aeolian stratigraphy ESP_053856_2750 84.8 181.8 Micascisto 2017-Oct-02 2018-Jan-22
Planum Boreum aeolian stratigraphy ESP_053883_2750 84.8 181.8 Micascisto 2017-Oct-02 2018-Jan-24
Planum Boreum aeolian stratigraphy ESP_053900_2650 85.0 177.9 Micascisto 2017-Oct-02 2018-Jan-25
Planum Boreum aeolian stratigraphy ESP_053966_2650 84.9 179.0 Micascisto 2017-Oct-02 2018-Jan-30
Planum Boreum aeolian stratigraphy ESP_053993_2650 85.0 177.8 Micascisto 2017-Oct-02 2018-Feb-01
Planum Boreum aeolian stratigraphy ESP_054045_2650 84.9 180.9 Micascisto 2017-Oct-02 2018-Feb-05
Planum Boreum aeolian stratigraphy ESP_054138_2650 84.9 180.9 Micascisto 2017-Oct-02 2018-Feb-12
Wavy terrain in Medusae Fossae Formation ESP_052847_1710 -8.9 179.2 lkerber 2017-Oct-04 2017-Nov-04
Yardangs ESP_054482_1695 -10.2 180.0 lkerber 2017-Oct-04 2018-Mar-11
Channels near Granicus Valles and Tinjar Valles ESP_053099_2080 27.7 135.8 stormchasers 2017-Oct-10 2017-Nov-24
Possible chloride-bearing deposits ESP_055180_1490 -30.8 207.3 adavila 2017-Oct-17 2018-May-05
Basal unit and north polar layered deposits ESP_053925_2640 84.1 231.1 Micascisto 2017-Oct-22 2018-Jan-27
Branched valleys in Acheron Fossae ESP_052990_2200 39.6 225.4 jimmars 2017-Oct-25 2017-Nov-15
Eastern rim of crater southeast of Heimdall Crater ESP_053688_2445 64.3 245.4 spir 2017-Oct-31 2018-Jan-08
Junction of surface morphologies at glacial margin ESP_053558_2215 41.1 199.7 shibbard 2017-Nov-07 2017-Dec-29
Near-surface ice morphologies ESP_053769_2230 42.6 199.7 shibbard 2017-Nov-07 2018-Jan-15
Pitted material near rim of Sharonov Crater in Kasei Valles ESP_053383_2080 27.8 300.8 christycaudill 2017-Nov-07 2017-Dec-16
Potential glacial remnant ESP_053413_2225 42.1 198.8 shibbard 2017-Nov-07 2017-Dec-18
Fan west of Idaeus Fossae ESP_054886_2140 33.5 305.2 joeldavis 2017-Nov-08 2018-Apr-12
Possible tuff ring near Apollinaris Mons ESP_053770_1725 -7.4 176.2 ggarciac 2017-Nov-12 2018-Jan-15
Candidate human exploration zone near Gusev Crater ESP_053045_1650 -14.8 173.9 azlmsr701 2017-Nov-16 2017-Nov-19
Ejecta blanket at Bam Crater ESP_053957_1540 -25.8 115.4 rcapitan 2017-Nov-17 2018-Jan-29
Gusev Crater floor ESP_053902_1650 -14.8 175.6 swruff 2017-Nov-19 2018-Jan-25
Gusev Crater floor ESP_053968_1650 -14.8 175.6 swruff 2017-Nov-19 2018-Jan-30
Gusev Crater mesas ESP_053546_1645 -15.1 175.6 swruff 2017-Nov-19 2017-Dec-28
Gusev Crater mesas ESP_053691_1645 -15.1 175.6 swruff 2017-Nov-19 2018-Jan-09
Central caldera of Arsia Mons ESP_054493_1710 -9.0 239.5 rcapitan 2017-Nov-20 2018-Mar-12
Near-surface ice morphologies in Arcadia Planitia ESP_053624_2220 41.9 197.6 shibbard 2017-Nov-21 2018-Jan-03
Potential glacial remnant and flow lines ESP_053334_2205 40.0 195.5 shibbard 2017-Nov-21 2017-Dec-12
Southwestern continuous ejecta boundary of Resen Crater ESP_053799_1515 -28.2 108.8 rcapitan 2017-Dec-05 2018-Jan-17
Well-preserved 2-km crater near Hephaestus Fossae ESP_053838_1985 18.1 121.4 abina 2017-Dec-05 2018-Jan-20
Crater immediately east of Biblis Patera ESP_054137_1830 2.8 236.9 kedgett 2017-Dec-06 2018-Feb-12
Line of pits in Ceraunius Fossae ESP_053754_2125 32.0 250.1 jimmars 2017-Dec-06 2018-Jan-14
Pits in Alba Fossae ESP_053886_2145 34.0 245.3 jimmars 2017-Dec-06 2018-Jan-24
Stair-stepped landforms in east Pasteur Crater ESP_054026_1995 19.3 25.3 kedgett 2017-Dec-06 2018-Feb-04
Wrinkle ridge in crater floor material ESP_054659_2010 21.0 24.0 kedgett 2017-Dec-06 2018-Mar-25
Layers in ice cap ESP_054515_2595 79.6 337.5 jimmars 2017-Dec-07 2018-Mar-14
Sedimentary clay outcrop ESP_054553_1575 -22.5 43.2 jcarter 2017-Dec-08 2018-Mar-17
Uncommon sedimentary clay outcrop ESP_054131_1565 -23.0 44.2 jcarter 2017-Dec-08 2018-Feb-12
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Mawrth Vallis ESP_055188_2020 22.0 342.2 aparkesbowen 2017-Dec-11 2018-May-05
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Mawrth Vallis ESP_053988_2025 22.1 342.9 aparkesbowen 2017-Dec-12 2018-Feb-01
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Mawrth Vallis ESP_055043_2030 22.6 340.7 aparkesbowen 2017-Dec-12 2018-Apr-24
Light and dark-toned landforms in Maja Valles ESP_055163_1980 17.7 305.9 kedgett 2017-Dec-13 2018-May-03
Light and dark-toned landforms in Maumee Valles ESP_054741_1990 19.0 305.6 kedgett 2017-Dec-13 2018-Mar-31
Lobate flow in Isil Crater ESP_055158_1525 -27.1 87.5 kedgett 2017-Dec-13 2018-May-03
Lobate-form at valley terminus ESP_053844_1910 10.8 315.9 kedgett 2017-Dec-13 2018-Jan-21
Rayed crater with blocky ejecta ESP_053857_1750 -4.9 322.2 kedgett 2017-Dec-13 2018-Jan-22
Alluvial fan in Harris Crater ESP_053840_1575 -22.2 66.9 AlexMorgan 2017-Dec-18 2018-Jan-20
Landforms and dark-toned surface at apparent distal end of Hrad Vallis ESP_053508_2235 43.0 125.2 kedgett 2017-Dec-20 2017-Dec-25
Slope monitoring ESP_054921_1960 15.7 72.0 dstillman 2017-Dec-22 2018-Apr-14
Branched ridges and fan-shaped landform in northeast Arabia Terra ESP_054080_2160 35.5 349.6 kedgett 2017-Dec-27 2018-Feb-08
Valley terminus in northeast Arabia Terra ESP_054159_2165 36.2 352.2 kedgett 2017-Dec-27 2018-Feb-14
Dune field in Lyot Crater ESP_053894_2295 49.2 29.0 JWidmer22 2018-Jan-01 2018-Jan-24
Small well-preserved and potentially gullied crater in Idaeus Fossae ESP_053923_2195 39.0 311.6 abina 2018-Jan-02 2018-Jan-27
Pits and troughs in Tempe Terra ESP_053805_2140 33.3 296.8 jimmars 2018-Jan-05 2018-Jan-18
Crater near center of Sinai Planum ESP_053793_1665 -13.4 271.3 astra 2018-Jan-05 2018-Jan-17
Ridge changing into trough in Utopia Planitia ESP_053825_2085 28.3 111.7 jimmars 2018-Jan-05 2018-Jan-19
Gusev Crater wind streaks ESP_054891_1655 -14.5 174.7 marsacademy 2018-Jan-07 2018-Apr-12
North polar trough ESP_054106_2610 81.0 341.4 marsacademy 2018-Jan-07 2018-Feb-10
Slope features in Olympus Mons caldera ESP_054823_1980 17.9 227.1 marsacademy 2018-Jan-07 2018-Apr-07
Pitted material in 53-km diameter crater in Noachis Terra ESP_054171_1605 -19.2 32.2 christycaudill 2018-Jan-11 2018-Feb-15
Layering in Oxia Palus region ESP_055096_1990 18.6 334.3 lmandon 2018-Jan-12 2018-Apr-28
Flow band in possible glacial unit ESP_054112_2185 38.3 195.1 shibbard 2018-Jan-16 2018-Feb-10
Sample terrain ESP_054771_2190 38.9 203.8 shibbard 2018-Jan-16 2018-Apr-03
Candidate ExoMars landing site in Mawrth Vallis ESP_054977_2025 22.3 342.5 aparkesbowen 2018-Jan-22 2018-Apr-19
Layers in lobate debris apron in Protonilus Mensae ESP_055159_2290 48.4 51.2 jimmars 2018-Jan-24 2018-May-03
Channel and trough on Alba Patera ESP_055033_2180 37.7 251.5 jimmars 2018-Feb-13 2018-Apr-23
Channel in north Alba Patera ESP_054967_2225 42.4 252.5 jimmars 2018-Feb-14 2018-Apr-18
Crater and trough in northern mid-latitudes ESP_055046_2200 39.8 256.2 jimmars 2018-Feb-14 2018-Apr-24
Lava flow and trough in northern mid-latitudes ESP_054835_2215 41.0 256.2 jimmars 2018-Feb-14 2018-Apr-08
Ridge in northern Alba Patera ESP_054756_2220 41.7 252.8 jimmars 2018-Feb-14 2018-Apr-02
Channel on northwest Alba Patera ESP_054598_2250 44.6 245.8 jimmars 2018-Feb-15 2018-Mar-20
Lava flow in Alba Fossae region ESP_055086_2250 44.6 243.5 jimmars 2018-Feb-15 2018-Apr-27
Alba Patera region ESP_054743_2195 39.0 248.2 lbreeding 2018-Feb-19 2018-Apr-01
Crater in northern latitudes ESP_054689_2555 75.2 271.5 ctes1357 2018-Feb-19 2018-Mar-27
Eroded crater in northern plains ESP_054610_2535 73.5 269.5 alecbird 2018-Feb-19 2018-Mar-21
Ice covered crater ESP_054383_2555 75.3 345.9 aballer 2018-Feb-20 2018-Mar-04
North polar region ESP_055174_2545 74.3 352.3 LoganNehls 2018-Feb-20 2018-May-04
Overlapping rims of craters ESP_054688_1840 3.8 314.4 aballer 2018-Feb-20 2018-Mar-27
Gully monitoring ESP_055171_1470 -32.8 93.2 akhuller 2018-Feb-22 2018-May-04
Leveed trough features in Memnonia Sulci ESP_055128_1705 -9.4 183.5 kedgett 2018-Mar-06 2018-May-01
Possible large ice unit intersecting degraded crater ESP_055035_2250 44.6 195.9 shibbard 2018-Mar-27 2018-Apr-23
Southeast rim of Leighton Crater ESP_055093_1830 2.8 58.2 EPilles 2018-Mar-27 2018-Apr-28
Thin channel in northern Arcadia Planitia ESP_055088_2270 46.8 188.7 shibbard 2018-Mar-27 2018-Apr-28