HiRISE: High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment http://uahirise.org Image updates from the HiRISE Camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter en-us editor@uahirise.org (Ari) Wed, 4 Mar 2015 11:00:00 MST Dunes in Western Medusae Fossae Formationhttp://uahirise.org/ESP_039240_1730The dark dunes in the western Medusae Fossae formation provide some evidence of having a local origin. A Possible Landing Site for the 2020 Mission: Jezero Craterhttp://uahirise.org/ESP_039348_1985This is one of the trickier aspects of selecting landing sites on Mars: a place to do good science but also where the risks of landing are low.Craters Near Nilokeras Scopulushttp://uahirise.org/ESP_039432_2115Are these craters, or could these be very large pits?Sand Avalanches in Meroe Paterahttp://uahirise.org/ESP_039955_1875This image was acquired as part of a series to look for sand movement in Meroe Patera, not far from the active sand dunes of Nili Patera. March Image Catalog Update http://uahirise.org/releases/mar2015 Over 200 new observations as part of our monthly Planetary Data System release. Get clicking! New Anaglyph Images http://uahirise.org/anaglyph New 3D images (dated 2 March 2015) as part of our monthly image catalog update. New Digital Terrain Models http://uahirise.org/dtm Three new DTMs (dated 2 March 2015) as part of our monthly image catalog update. BeautifulMars Podcast: 4 March 2015 http://uahirise.org/epo/podcasts Watch or listen to our captioned images for this week on our podcast page, or subscribe via iTunes.